Friday, November 5, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Here is it once again, brought to you by thegirlnextdoorgrowsup.  Here are my feel good moments and thoughts for the week, in no particular order.

1.  One of my  French "twins" as I call her(I have 2), sent my students and my classroom this marvelous thing.  She is a French woman who teaches English to French middle school students in France.  We do many of the same things with our students in the opposite languages, and it's really cool to chat with her about how we teach.  We are having our students do penpals and it's been a big hit so far.  On her school's website, she put this badge and I thought it was cool.  The next thing I knew, this plaque arrived in the mail!  You can see her blog here and it's all in English so you can actually read it!

2.  I got all of my potted plants into school the night before we had a frost that killed just about everything else.  Except my chard and broccoli.   The chard is totally standing at attention, ready to grow some more until more frost comes and kills it.  The plants all look nice at the entrance to school and they love the sun that they get there all year.  I'm so thrifty, I just can't throw summer plants away, so I have geraniums and impatiens that have been around for years.  See the bottom of this post to see the geraniums that's I've been growing for more years that I can remember!

3.   The district will pay for the registration for a conference I am going to in 2 weeks. This is great because I just decided to spend 2 nights in the city at a Marriott to the tune of a million dollars.  K-ster will join me one of the nights after a hockey game.  I always feel like you get the most out of a conference when you stay right there.  And I looked everywhere but decided to stay in the radius of the conference which means a swankier hotel, but I like that.  So the district won't pay for swankiness, but I can get the registration paid for.  That's like 1/2 of a night of swank.

4.  I am participating in a really cool event called Mutual Muses and I am an "artist" who created a quilt that a poet will now write about.  Last night, we had the kick off.  I got a poem that I now have to respond to with a quilt.  Someone got a picture of the quilt I already made and will write a poem inspired by it.  It's really neat what comes from this.  Most of the art is paint or photo but there are some textiles.  I laugh to think I'm an "artist".  It's kind of like when I did liquor promotions and was called a "model".  I should just run around with quotes permanently over my head.  Someone somewhere is probably telling someone that I am a "French teacher".

5.  My friend n-ster from college is moving back to the east coast.  She moved from the east coast to the west coast the same month my sister moved from west to east.  Now n-ster is moving back to where she was and my sister isn't too far from there, so I have 2 excuses to visit the area.

6.  This one had me rolling on the floor this morning.  "I'm so pretty, I will have to drive."  I read the craziest thing this morning.  It said that when a guy has a pretty girl in the car, he is likely to speed because of the testosterone boost that he gets by being with her.  So, to play it safe, the pretty girl should drive.  I told k-ster and he thought that was funny too.  Then I mumbled how I'll have to be sure to tell all the guys that drive me around that I'll have to drive because I'm so pretty, they might do something stupid, being that they are men and can't control their hormones.  He asked who all of these guys are.  I wonder too.  But that would have been AWESOME to know in college.  "Sorry, I'll drive, I'm the pretty one."!

And that's it.  It's random and made me feel good.  Now visit the girl and tell us your Friday feel goods!


  1. Awww, you did make me feel good. Goal achieved by yourself and the Girl Next Door (yes, I'm going to visit her right after this!)
    Wish I had known about the pretty girl thing. Not that i ever would have ever said that, mostly because I'm a crappy driver, so I figure testosterone or not, the guy has got to do better than me.

  2. I once broke up with a guy because he sped and was such a bad driver with no concern for safety!!!!

    I also took French 7th grade through college and then I finally got to France at age 26 !!!


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