Friday, April 29, 2011

Feel Good Friday Hooting and Hollering

Feel Good Friday comes around about once a week, in these parts. While thegirl is off creating a new blog, I'm the boss around here.  She will be back, maybe  23 days?  I don't know, it says 23 days on her blog, but I have no idea what she has up her sleeve.

If you don't know how to play along, you go and write a post on your own blog about what made you happy or what made you feel good this past week. It can be seemingly simple, like you passed a test that was really hard or it can be earthshattering, like you got engaged.  Whatever made you happy.  Take the Feel Good Friday button with you and put it on your site.  Then come back here and link up on the bottom so we can go share your joy.  Go ahead, don't be shy.... just do it!

So, here's my round up:

*I woke up Tuesday with what I was sure must be the biggest swollen glands ever.  I couldn't turn my neck.  But, when I got out of bed, they were fine and I didn't have a fever.  I just felt like crapola all day. And Wednesday too.  With really no explanation.  Not really body achy, just my neck.  Like whiplash might feel.  And then I woke up Thursday and it was gone.  So that made me really happy.

I started to think about how yucky I was feeling and how I had no interest in doing anything and every project made me feel overwhelmed.  And I thought about how many people live in chronic pain and illness and still carry on.  And it made me really happy to know that it was a passing thing.  Because I have far too many things to do to be sidelined by pain or illness!

*I Mod Podged these maps onto stools in my classroom, and my students have started to notice.  A few call them their "special" stools and like to grab one if they get there first.  One day, I asked where something was located and a girl got off her stool and tried to find it.  Today, a boy was sitting on one of the towns we were talking about, which led to a very funny conversation because I didn't understand what he meant and finally, he got off the stool and showed me.   I can't believe that before he sat down, he looked at the map long enough to pick up this small town!  Some kids haven't noticed the stools so they  have no idea what's going on.  Ahhhh so typical in a middle school classroom.  I could be standing there, on fire and a few would never notice.

I said it before- I swear I'm going to stick maps on every surface I can get my hands on, if it means they will actually look at them!

And so far, they haven't ripped or fallen apart.

*It made me really happy to realize I don't live in London today.  And that I am not and never will be royalty.   What insanity.  If you'd like to weigh in on my thoughts, click here and see what I have to say about "news" like that.  K-ster told me he heard people screaming on TV, like they were at a Michael Jackson concert, he said.  I reminded him that no one has class anymore and I am not surprised.

They should ask the Queen what the crowd was like when she got married.  Much more demure, full of golf claps, I am sure.

*Forgive me for giving a shout out to myself, but I was "Person of the Week" on the radio and got to talk about our scholarships through ABWA.  I debated putting this link because a) you might learn my real name (GASP!) and b) you might figure out where I live and c) once you hear my super hypnotic voice, you might want to hire me to do radio spots all the time, and I just don't have time to add one more thing to my plate!

But, I also think that the 5 readers of my blog probably are safe, so I think it's ok.  And I also know how LAAAAAAZY most people are, so the chances of you bothering to check me out?  Pretty slim.  So, here's the link now please don't stalk me.   If you stalk me, I will stalk you and it won't be pretty.

But if you live in the area, feel free to apply for the scholarship!

*It's green mayhem, in my greenhouse at this moment.  Just about everything is popping up though those peppers are taking their sweet time.  I now have a container crisis.  I know, what a crisis to have!  Things need to be separated and moved to bigger containers.  Some things, like my peas, need to get out and in the ground and I just haven't felt like it (see above).  Maybe tonight...  Last week, things were scantly (no, not scantily, they weren't doing a peep show) above the soil and now....Have a look!
 The reason I bought this greenhouse is because of the drop down sides.  It's going to be sunny today, after 4 days of grossness, so I expect it to be about 150 degrees if I don't open the sides a little!  K-ster thinks I'm crazy because it wasn't hot yet when I opened them, but I have French to teach, so I can't hang around at home waiting to open my greenhouse at an optimum time.
 Peas MUST get in the ground NOW. 
 Stubborn tomatoes and peppers!  The tomatoes are just about all up.  These are my "invention" tomatoes.  The type that I might have accidentally cross bred 2 years ago.  Last summer, every one of them came up, but every tomato split as it was ripening.  They tasted fine but looked sad.  This is from one of those, one that hadn't split.  My theory is that I found an example of good genes and these will all be a new, excellent invention.  I am no Darwin.

Just look at the 2nd set of leaves on that broccoli!  Last year, slugs ate all of my broccoli and I was pissed.  As the summer went on, they magically resurrected themselves and I got a few good pieces of broccoli in the fall.  AND THEN.....  rabbits climbed over a dip in my chicken wire and ATE THEM DOWN TO NUBS.  I was a little furious that those poor things hung on all summer and came back with a vengeance and then were desecrated right there in the middle of their comeback.  

It's Sparkling vs the animals this summer--- watch out!!  We will NOT have a repeat of fall '10.

*I am very glad to learn that the General has been exempt from being sat on by a turkey!  We have a female turkey here at school, that I think has been spurned by her lover.  It appears she has taken to sitting on people's roofs in the parking lot.  UH OH.  She spent one whole day sulking in an alcove of our building.  Now she has moved to the parking lot.  Turkeys just make me laugh, they are so silly looking!

Alas, that's my limit of feel good for the week.  Now, follow the directions and get over to your own blog and tell us what made you feel good!  I know you might have had a week full of swear words but I know you can find a few good things to make you feel better!!


  1. Glad you're feeling better! My dh always says there's nothing like feeling bad to make you realize how great it is to feel good! Things are indeed popping in your greenhouse. I wish I had the drive to garden, but alas, I do not.

    Happy Friday!

  2. WOW so happy you got well quickly! I am off to write a few feel good Friday moments, will be back!!

    that is all

  3. You had a great week. Love the maps idea!! I am also glad you are feeling better. I have never worried about Stalkers, lol, all my giveaways have my return address, my blog is linked to my facebook page that has my real name. I just think no one would want to stalk a gray haired fat old lady in a wheelchair. lol



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