Friday, April 1, 2011

Feel Good Friday- March Wrap-UP

Here we are again!  Friday is here, feel good moments are here, and it's time to link up and share~!    thegirl is still working on her site and I'm hosting in her absence.  She's still around, if you go  look, because she has updated her site since she first went on break.  Now there's a countdown.   To what?  Who knows, but I think we can guess that it's the countdown to her return.

Not sure how to play?  Just go to your own blog, post a Feel Good Friday post and then come back and link to me!  Tell us what made you happy this week.  It can be one thing, 2 things, 5 things or whatever.  Grab the button and link back and you're off and running with your own feel good moments!  And we like to read what made everyone else happy.

1.  I found this in my closet this morning.  It was actually laying on top of my hangers and causing a traffic jam.  At first, I was annoyed, but then I was overjoyed.  How can a pillow make a girl so happy?  Because now I can make another one of these;
When we got the new couch, I saved two of the pillows from the old couch and made covers that match the curtains.  But when I went to make a second cover, I didn't have enough material.  I forgot that I had saved the 2nd one and had k-ster shove it up to the top of my closet so I could do something with it later.  Just last weekend, my sister a-ster was here and saw the couch for the first time and I was lamenting the fact that  I must have thrown out the 2nd one because I couldn't find it anywhere.

I guess today was "someday" and now I can go find material and make one more cover.  This will be good because now both corner pieces can have a pillow.  At first, k-ster thought it was clutter and not necessary, but we've both learned what a necessity it is!  2 will be great!  And I have a coupon to use at Joann Fabrics, so maybe they will still have it or something that works with it.

2.  It is quite possible that you read about my latest quilting endeavor.  I'm so thrilled with the way this came out and colors really brighten my mood every time I look at it.  If it doesn't sell, there might be a redecoration in the near future.

3.  I can't believe it, but I might have skipped posting the latest greenhouse pictures.  A few weeks ago, we got this far with the greenhouse and then had a bit of another dilemma because another piece was missing.  We counted (after that awful day when we were short 3 posts) and have every piece that the carton contents stated.  But the number of wiggle wire pieces was apparently wrong, so when we called because we didn't have enough, they were like "yeah you should have 22 pieces" and I said "WTF??? the packing slip says 14 pieces and that's what we have!!!"  So that put things on hold, AGAIN.  Then there was weather, work and this past weekend, a very windy Saturday.  On Sunday, we did another major piece of installation, but it's nothing to record on camera.  It's the bars that the rope will turn around to make the sides go up and down.  Hopefully this weekend will be the final weekend to work on the installation.  Then the growing can begin!!

The adirondack chairs in front of this really make me laugh.  I bought them a long time ago and k-ster hasn't really ever liked them.  When we did the new patio, they weren't necessary, so they've just been hanging around.  K-ster found a new home for them.  And with the spring sun trying so hard to warm things, even when it's cold, the sun comes down on them right there and all is well.  And, we get to look over the campground which I find hysterical for some reason.

4.  Today there was this Celebrate Women event at a local store.  They have it every year and a portion of sales that night goes toward a non profit that helps women.  Everything there is vendor oriented, so they are giving out all kinds of crap and food.  THis year, things were a little skimpier than usual and I wasn't so impressed.  But I did get 2 massages, so I really liked that!   In past years, by the time I've gone to the massage chairs, the sign up sheet has been full.  This year, I bypassed everything else and signed up first.  Smart move! 

photo from google images

5.  This is the last week with my current 6th graders. Starting on Monday, I will have the 65 kids who CHOSE to take French for the next 2.5 years.  While this does not mean all the world will be paved with sunshine and lollypops, it does mean that I don't have to look at some of their sniveling faces in my classroom again.  And that's a damned good things.  I'll have a lot of kids who are DYING to continue in French and have really tuned into it for some reason.  We have these years, once in a blue moon, when kids just really click with the language they chose.  This looks like one of those years.  Now I can get down to the nitty gritty with kids who I know I'll have for a while.

So that's it.  Not much earthshattering news, but it's fun to reminisce.  Now go write about your week on your blog and then link back to this so we can all see what you have to say.  Cuz we are nosy and cuz thegirl gave me permission to say so!!


  1. I've never made pillows or curtains but I have bought lots of fabric with good intentions. That's quite a greenhouse! You're going to be busy this spring and summer.

  2. Looks like a great week. My youngest daughter took Spanish in middle and high school and is now trying French in college and is struggling a bit. She said learning Spanish was much easier. Back in the dark ages I took 3 years of Spanish in high school, was bored with the first year as it was more writing than speaking but I still can tell people I have no money, where's the bathroom?? and what's happening and let's go plus some other phases as necessary. lol


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