Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Such a Domestic Diva, I Can't Stand Myself

K-ster and I have the worst problems finding jeans.  They just never fit.  So when we find jeans that fit, we like to buy several pair.  Especially for him, since he wears jeans every day and he really beats the snot out of them.  The last time he bought jeans, he bought about 4 pair so he'd have them.  And since they are all the same age,  you guessed it, they are all wearing out at the same time.

Every few days, he comes home from work with a "blow out" that cannot be repaired.  He must leap tall buildings in a single bound, and sometimes get caught on them, because he comes home with them ripped like 12 inches down the legs. 

Yesterday's blowout was a tragedy because  he's down to ONE PAIR OF JEANS.  And it's only Tuesday.  This does not look good.  But they were the pair that I had hidden away for times just like this, so they are pretty decent.

Last night, he gave me a pair of jeans to use so I could reorder some new ones.  They were sitting on the kitchen table and when I got up this morning, I was annoyed that the ripped jeans were still on the table because they were filthy.  So I threw them away.  And threw my tea bag on top of them.

Little did I know k-ster was combing the house, looking for his LAST PAIR OF JEANS.  He came out to make his lunch, didn't tell me he was missing his jeans and turned around to see his LAST PAIR OF JEANS sitting in the trash, with my tea bag on top!  He was furious and I couldn't stop laughing.  Now his ONE PAIR OF JEANS was sitting in the trash, wet with tea!

I put them in the drier and now he thinks they shrunk!  In the 10 minutes it took to dry them from the tea/trash episode, he thinks I shrunk is LAST PAIR OF JEANS.

It's just a barrel of laughs at our house these days.  Thank GOD more jeans are on their way!!

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  1. I had to laugh at the "blowout" just because before we had babies, this was totally how we referred to my husband splitting his pants. He works in the electrical field and now works also with battery acid, so those pants don't stand a chance. Feel ya! He swears by Eddie Bauer jeans.


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