Friday, April 15, 2011

Feel Good Friday- Grab A Cup of Tea and Enjoy!

Is it really time for Feel Good Friday again, ALREADY? thegirl is still working on her site and I'm hosting in her absence. She's still around, if you go look, because she has updated her site since she first went on break.  Go check her out, she has a message for you!

Not sure how to play? Just go to your own blog, post a Feel Good Friday post and then come back and link to me! Tell us what made you happy this week. It can be one thing, 5 things or whatever. Grab the button and link back and you're off and running with your own feel good moments! And we like to read what made everyone else happy.  We are sooooo nosy!

Here are a few things that made my week:

* we had our annual ABWA open house and I set up shop. I don't usually make any sales at expos like this, but lo and behold, I couldn't catch my breath!! People were in a buying mood and buy, they did! And I got a show out of it!  Just when things look bleak, they have a way of picking up!

*two awesome lessons this week. On Monday, Tucker outdid himself and did so many great things that I asked!  K-ster stopped by to take some video, but it didn't come out great, so I am not putting it up.  Today was another good lesson, though not as mind blowing as Monday.  

*I got all of my seeds planted, for now, on Sunday, and already, I'm seeing some things popping up!  I had planted beans and peas mid week last week, and I thought they'd all be up by now, but they are on their way.  On Sunday, I planted all sorts of things and I'm already seeing the tomatoes and broccoli sprouting!  With sun today and more on the way tomorrow, things are likely to go crazy.  We had 3 days of gray skies, so things weren't too hot in the greenhouse.  It was 97 in there this afternoon.  I hope they don't all cook to their deaths!

*on Wednesday, pure magic happened in one of my 8th grade classes.  It was a French speaking frenzy.  I even had a couple of girls kind of winging it and I just about wet my pants, I was so excited. They set the bar and the other two classes didn't quite reach it, but there was a whole lot of francais being spoken in 8th grade this week.  We can't talk about my tirade in 7th grade one day this week, since this is Feel Good Friday, not Rant and Rave Friday.

*it's spring.  Really.  Really.   It IS!   Everything turned green, all at once!  The sun is out and it's really pretty out there!  It's cold this morning, but it looks nice and things are looking less dead.  This is always an exciting time of the year!!

So, it's a pretty short post this week.  Now go write on your own blog and link up to mine!!  Even if you had a purely rotten week, I know you can find something good to write about!!


  1. I wish spring would get here too. It's still cold in my house.

    But I feel pretty good that it's Friday anyway.

  2. Yeah for Spring! It's getting all green and sunny here, too.

  3. It's spring?...really?...'cause we had snow yesterday...sigh...


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