Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let Me Catch Up On A Few Important New Items

First, I don't care if Donald Trump wants to run for president.  If he wins, will he do more damage than the presidents who have run the country in my lifetime?  Probably not.  I don't know why people are so worked up over it.  Let him run.  See what happens.  If he wins, let's see what he does.  He's pretty money savvy, maybe he'll fix the economy.

Everyone needs to stop getting their knickers into such a twist.

Second, I haven't been avidly following Kate and William's wedding, but I was caught up in the hysteria tonight when Wheel of Fortune wasn't available as I ate supper.  Instead, I had to watch Access Edition or Inside Hollywood or whatever the rumor mill was called.

And the question of the night?  WHY ON EARTH are Kate and William each allowed to drive their own cars just 2 days before their wedding??  WHERE.IS.SECURITY for these two???  Apparently it was ok for them to drive their own cars last week, but 2 days before the wedding?  That's just asking for a hijacking or worse.

My favorite thing I've heard that Kate has demanded?  4 tons of foliage brought into Westminster Abbey to make the place festive.  YOU.GO.GIRL.  I went to Westminster Abbey once and I do believe it could use some trees in there.  For God's sake.  Maybe I was like 10, and that's why I didn't like it, but if someone had put a 20 foot tree in there, I sure would have liked it!  I think what they've done looks cool!

And her sister?  I guess she's ruffling royal feathers by demanding that she be allowed to put disco balls into various rooms for the pre wedding fun and games.  Gooooooood grief.  Her name is Pippa and she sounds like a real PIP!

I have no intention of watching this royal affair, not on purpose anyway, and I don't care that almost 2000 people were invited.  I don't care that 600,000 people are expected to stand on street corners to watch.  Fine!  Let them!  They are human.  Why make such a BIG DEAL about gawkers and who does or doesn't get to go? 

Isn't it all a little petty, making a big deal about something we weren't invited to?  It's called envy/jealousy and it's not pretty on anyone.  I'm not royal.  I get that.  I don't wish I had married a prince or king.  I think it's great that Miss Kate has found her prince.  But I bet they still pick their noses and fart like people do.

Third, did you know that you can get leprosy from armadillos?  According to what I just read, and it was not in the Enquirer, the same bacteria that causes leprosy on humans is also on those creepy creatures.  The advice was not to touch, eat or be near them.  And never buy things made out of their shells, which they say is popular in Texas.  I think they were just looking for a way to slam Texas.

At least I don't have to worry about armadillos here.


  1. Most enjoyable post. Totally agree on the Trump and royal wedding uproar. Really why not things happen in their own good time?

    I especially like the idea of Kate and William "picking and farting"! LOL!

  2. Sparky Girl

    You know the thing that gets me about this royal wedding?

    She spent over $500,000 on her dress.

    That is ridiculous

    Offensive even

    that is all

  3. I'm with you on Trump. If you don't like it, people, don't vote for him. How could he screw the country up any worse than the mess we're in?

    I'm not watching The Wedding. I'm sure I'll get enough info about it on tv tomorrow.


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