Monday, April 18, 2011

Mail's Here

Dear Life Is Good People,

Great shirt.  My mother says "hold your horses" all the time.  And this is pink.  And appropriate now that I ride.  So I really liked it and just had to get it!


Dear Home Depot,

You are REALLY in big trouble with me.  I keep hearing this ad on the radio about how you are giving away free Roundup with the purchase of something or other.  Do you know what Roundup is?  Do you know how damaging this stuff is on so many levels?  Do you know what people actually do with it?  I am so appalled.  I think I might write a real letter to you.

Roundup is poison.  It's an herbicide, cide meaning death.  It kills EVERYTHING in its path.  What on earth makes you think it won't kill people and animals too?  I can't believe you are enabling people to do so much harm by giving it away!!  People who are so lazy, they can't bend to pick up weeds.  People who are so ignorant, they think green lawns cannot have a single weed and be nice.  People who don't even know that there is corn that is grown because it is resistant to Roundup's poison, because they spray Roundup right on the crops we eat!  Because farmers are too lazy to pull weeds or find better alternatives.

And you've joined that bandwagon. 

Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame.  This is seriously making me thinking I might have to never set foot in your store again.  Not that I was impressed, to begin with.


Dear Toilet Paper,

I do, indeed, love it when your roll is on the holder.  I never thought if it mattered if the roll was on the holder or just laying around.  But I've learned that on the holder is marvelous.  It's like a luxury.  Maybe because at school, the holders don't roll, so we have to take it off and unroll the paper.  And at home, I'm usually too lazy to bother putting it on.  But when you're there, it's a marvelous thing.  It's the little things, I'm telling you.

Keep On Rolling,

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