Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I WANT the Cricut. I NEED the Cricut. Tell Me How You Feel About the Cricut

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Do you even know what I'm talking about? It's this marvelous device that will cut paper into fabulous shapes, at the touch of a button. 

It will make everyone's lives so much better.  Especially mine.

Because now  I will be able to make cute cards.  Because I give out so many cards, you see.

And tags for things.  Things I have never thought needed tags.

And great things for my classroom.  Things that my students won't even notice.  And will like to ruin.

And my scrapbook from Europe from 1993 will be finished.  Because that's all that's holding me back.  My lack of cutting skills.

Ahhh the possibilities will be endless.  I will make millions of things and sell them on my etsy.  It won't matter that I won't have a job next year.  Because I'll have the Cricut.  And that will be all I will need.

I didn't know I wanted it so badly.  I've seen it advertised.  K-ster and I have watched the infomercial. 

And then on Black Friday, Joann Fabrics had them for SIXTY dollars, online only, beginning at midnight.  Suddenly, I needed the Cricut.  It was going to be exactly what k-ster needed to keep himself busy but off his foot while recovering.  He would make things and sell them on his OWN etsy.  We wouldn't tell people he was a man, living a woman's fantasy by playing with the Cricut all day.  His skills would become legendary.

I decided I would have to buy it for him as a surprise for Christmas.  Because one time, he said it was neat.  So, I stayed awake at my sister's house on Thanksgiving night, waiting for midnight.  And you know what happened right?  The website was mysteriously "down" beginning at 12;01am and I waited until 12:30 am and decided it was so not worth it.

I stopped thinking about it until Joann started putting them on sale for $99.  THis is the lower end model, so I assume they want to get rid of them for the higher end models.  And now that I have my Joann teacher savings card, and it doesn't say I can't use it on Cricut (like their coupons do) I truly think I can use it to save even more.

I can't stop thinking about it and this madness HAS GOT to stop!

Please wake me from this dream with your tales of the Cricut.  Which model do you have?  Is it worth it?  Pros?  Cons?  Did you almost have to go to a 12 step session to stop your addiction?  Tell me, help me!!  SAVE ME.

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  1. I don't have one and I want one DESPERATELY!!! They sound so cool :)


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