Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm Going Straight To Hell, There Is No Doubt, But I Can't Help It

I've debated writing this post for days.  An email from my sister a-ster clinched it for me.  I cannot keep this to myself.  I really can't.

It all started with this blog I found by accident.  Please understand, I am not trying to make fun of this, but the bubbling hysteria I feel every time I think about it tells me I cannot keep this under wraps.  I know, if someone did this about my blog and I found out, I would be pissed, but I just can't help it. I had a link but then I took it away because I am  not trying to ruin this girl or make her cry.  Instead, I stole her picture.

The devil is making me do it.

I tell you now, there is a irony here.  I'll remind you at the end.

So, I was minding my business, probably Stumbling blogs, when I came upon a blog about making your own stuff.  I make my own stuff, my sister makes her own stuff, we're a crafty family.  In many ways.

So, I checked back another day, and this is what I saw.

It was called a Pillow Case Sundress.  I can't even type I'm laughing so hard.  It's all about upcycling.  But really, when someone says "pillow case sundress" this is truly what comes to mind.  And in 1968, this would have been mucho stylish.  But today?  O-M-G.  

But, it didn't end there.  I thought I was pretty horrified and really can't believe someone made and then wore this.  I can't even believe someone still owns pillow cases with rainbows on them from circa 1975.  But to take the time to make this???

Then she had to go and make a tutorial about how to make it!!  And people are thanking her!!  I KNOW!!  I'm still shaking my head.

I was compelled to share this with my sister a-ster who could also be as horrified as I was and shake her head at the horror.  And this was her response:

oh my god that's hideous.  It looks like my burning bush costume from kindergarten.  The one where i just scribbled red yellow and orange marker all over a pillowcase and wore it with tights.

Yes, she said Burning Bush Costume in kindergarten.  We went to a Christian school, remember?  

And then I remembered that costume!!  And I knew why I was horrified!  Because my 5 year old sister had made a similar thing, on her own! 

I think the reason this makes me laugh so much is the phrase "burning bush costume".  We were always doing these plays and things about the Bible, it being a Christian school, and it's only now, when one of us says something like this, that I realized how different our elementary years were from our friends who went to public school.  My BIL s-ster loves to point out how absurd we sound when we say things like "remember when I wore that burning bush costume?"

How normal we think it was to wear the burning bush, or put on a bathrobe and call ourselves characters from the Bible (Joseph, Joseph's father, the wise men, you get the idea) to put on plays.

And the irony is that a) I went to a Christian school, so I should know it's not nice to say mean things about people (but in this case, really, I just can't refrain) and b) the devil would make me write a post to make you laugh and that I would include the burning bush in this post.  

So, Pillow Case Dress Girl, I am sorry. I am sure you have a lot of creativity and you make fabulous things.  But really, if you wear this in public, you had better be prepared.  Clinton and Stacey would REALLY have every right to pounce on you and rip that off of you right on the spot.

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  1. You know, Sparkling, hipsters would totally wear this. They wouldn't make it. But if they found it in a used clothing store, they'd be, like, wow, this is so ironic, and they would wear it everywhere with sparkly flip flops. And a plaid tie belt.

    1. Yeah, IRONIC isn't exactly the word I'd use for it....

  2. I've seen blogs like this. Um, just because you CAN make stuff doesn't mean you SHOULD.

  3. wow.......

    just wow

    You always have the best stuff to see over here!!!!!!!

    that is all

  4. yeah, I had to unfollow that blog because she pushed me right over the edge with her "creations". as stephanie in suburbia says, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

  5. OMG is right! Haha I actually nearly peed reading this!
    Thanks for the giggle

  6. Um, no. Just no. No to the rainbow sheet set, and no to the decor in the bedroom the sheet set would have lived in, and no to the nth power to the dress with the elastic waistband. Why does the waistband make me sad? I don't know, but it does, and the rest of it makes me laugh. Although this does remind me of an atrocious craft I made for my craft blog, and my (normally postive-comments-only) mom had to gently tell me NO DO NOT PUT THAT ON THE INTERNET. Where was this girl's mother? She should've run it by my mom first.

    1. Yeah, I hadn't even thought abotu the whole elastic waist sadness but that makes it that much funnier. I think it's the rainbow that is the last straw. That someone who isn't 5 years old thinks she can wear not one, but TWO rainbows on such a sad dress. Let's make a pact to never make a piece of adult clothing out of pillow cases, OK?

  7. OMFG- I would never wear that in public. It is awful! But thanks for linking this up, because I just peed in my pants a little ! Too funny!


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