Friday, May 6, 2011

Feel Good Friday, Rolling Into May

Here we are!  It's Friday.  It's May.   Everything is in bloom and green.   What more can we ask for?

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**It's spring and I'm happy.  I really like it when things are blooming, growing and look great.  I looked around this week and realized how much I really wait all winter for this.  Nothing is dead yet.  Everything is so lush.  The grass look fantastic.  And it's not too hot or humid yet to enjoy it.

**The greenhouse is a hotbed (HA HA) of activity.  After the terrible spider trauma at the beginning of the week, I've spent a great deal of time with more planting of seeds and now I'm separating things and moving things out to the garden.

The peas are climbing up their little fence out in the garden and new peas are starting in the greenhouse.

The chard that I put out on Tuesday was all dug up by some asshole animal (only animals make me swear on this blog) and I replanted them last night and they were still holding their own this morning.

I separated the tomatoes that have their 2nd sets of leaves and they are looking good.  They love the heat of the greenhouse and they seem to be thriving.

Even my stubborn cucumbers and peppers are giving me a good effort right now.

**I do a monthly French group for adults at the Cultural Center.  We get together and either have a pot luck or watch a movie.  Last night, we watched a heavy movie called White Material.  They wanted to talk about it afterward and it was a nice group.  One of them is an artist who is exhibiting at the Center right now and the others are kind of like her groupies.  It was a nice group last night and lots of French was spoken.

**The Bruins keep winning and k-ster likes that, so that makes me happy.  He gets to go to the game tonight and that makes him REALLY happy, so that makes me happy.

**I bought the attachment for my reel mower (this means the old fashioned kind that you push without gas or electricity) that acts as a catcher for the clippings.  It works, but the whole thing is a lot of effort.  I don't know why just pushing this thing kicks my ass, but it does every time.  I intend to use it more, now that I can collect my clippings for the compost.  Although, the way it is designed lets a lot of them bounce back out.  There must be some adjustments I can make.

If I am really good, i can catch the grass before it gets too high.  If it's gets over a certain height, the reel mower doesn't actually cut it, it just lays down something I like to do when I'm done.  It's a fine line I am going to work on this summer!

Don't get excited, I am sure I will still have to use the other mower when I mow the campground.  There's no way I can handle that place with the reel mower!!

So that's it.  Nothing earthshattering this Friday.  Now go link up your own!


  1. Isn't Spring great!!! I love this time of year!!

  2. I love that you plant vegetables! I need to do that. I would love to go outside and pick fresh cucumbers from my garden. Your post made my Friday feel better. I love the thought of yummy food!


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