Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Kitty Looks at 105

Remember when you were little and people always said animal ages were a lot older than human?  You are supposed to multiply their age by 7 and you get their "real" age.

As Gwenstopher starts doing more and more odd things, I can only chalk it up to the fact that she is going to be 105 this fall.  She's like the 80 year old lady who thinks she can get away with things.  Who doesn't give a shit anymore and let's everyone chalk it up to old age.  Who walks into a room farting and thinks no one else can hear.  Who swears and figures she can, she's 80 and she's earned it!

She's not rickety like a 105 year old, though.  She's still very spry.  She can catch mice like the best of them

She isn't getting forgetful, getting that vacant look on her face when she walks into a room because she forgot what she was doing. 

She's still very nimble and can jump on anything/anyone without missing a beat.

She doesn't forget where her litter box is or how to use it.

She isn't mangey and "deflated" looking, the way some cats get when they are old.

And since Bandit disappeared several years ago, she's become the "house clown".  I never knew she had a comic side to her.  And lately, she's been doing things that make my laugh and grossed out all at once.

For example, she greets us each morning by hopping on the bed and screaming her head off.  Until you pat her and then she walks away and screams some more.  And she can't get enough.  She bangs her head into your hands and if you don't have hands (we often hide them) she bangs into your nose or whatever she can find.

Lately, she has also taken to licking.  I love the cat's tongue lick, that sandpapery feeling is nice. 

Except when she gets on your chest and smells your eye and then licks the very sensitive skin on the side of your eye.  Forget crow's feet, I'm getting cat's tongue.

She also loves to lick my earlobe.  But then she has to go one step too far and stick her tongue IN my ear and then I freak out.

And last night, she did the unthinkable.  She got on me,  begged for patting.  Sat on my chest and got really close to my face.  Rubbed her head on my nose.

And then stuck her tongue IN my nose!!

She walked away laughing that old lady laugh, thinking we'll just let her get away with it because she's "aging". 

Baloney. I think she's behaved herself for way too long and figures she's old enough and she's going to figure out what these things are like before she's too old to enjoy them.

I think she comes in, sits down and wonders "hmmm, I wonder what that tastes like?" and gives it a lick and then runs off going "ooops that wasn't like I thought it would be.  I won't do THAT again".

Or she runs down k-ster's face like it's a speedway and calls over her shoulder "oops, sorry, gotta be somewhere NOW, didn't mean to scratch/scare you!"

If we lived right on the water, I have no doubt this would be Gwenstopher.  While I know she is the generic looking cat you find on every cat food box, I swear to you, this is Gwenstopher.  Those nights she doesn't come home?  I swear this is where she goes.  She would totally do this.  And it's remarkable how much she looks like this cat!!

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  1. Haha, your cat sure has a lot of character - even if it is just old age :)


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