Friday, May 27, 2011

Feel Good Friday!

Here we are again!  It's time for Feel Good Friday!  Everyone can play.  Started by thegirl, Feel Good Friday is about capturing the things that made you feel good this week and telling us all about them!  I'm her substitute while she's away doing cool things, but she swears she will be back really soon.

In the meantime, you're stuck with me, folks!

After you read my post, go write your own Feel Good Friday post and then come back here and link up!  Then read everyone else's Feel Good Friday moments and feel even better about everything!

So, for the past week, here's what pleased me....

*I was NOT the person who took this picture and that made me feel good!  K-ster was landscaping and the guy he was working with managed to find this under a bush.  We don't live anywhere where I thought these lived but he looked it up online and supposedly they can be found on the whole east coast!  After worrying about spiders in my greenhouse, now I have to worry about these!

*I had a nice lesson with Tucker this week.  It hasn't been great lately, lots of frustration about just who is boss.

*I bought a 2nd pair of my favorite riding pants Kerrit's and they are awesome.  So lightweight and stretchy.  They look great on.  I thought I'd love my bamboo pair, and I did, but last summer, I was introduced to the thinner Kerrit's and I've never looked back.  THEY AREN"T CHEAP, so Kerrit's if you want me to do a review or something so I can get a free pair, BRING IT ON!!

*How cute is this? I made it for k-ster's cousin's 1 year old daughter.  I can't wait to make more of these for my niece, l-ster!  It's a good thing my sister had a girl because there's a lot of cute sewing in my future that no boy would be able to appreciate!

*Speaking of boys, k-ster's friend just had another boy.  I made a cute fishy quilt for the first one and I thought for the new one I would do a trucks and tractors quilt.  I found just the images I was looking for and I plan to start that this weekend.

*I don't know if this means anything to you, but to me, it's all about  summer now!  One of my many obsessions is summer nightgowns but they can't be made of t-shirt material.  They  must be made of very lightweight cloth, as a sewer you think I'd know what it's called, but kind of like what sheets are made of.  I go through phases where I can find them and then I can't find any, so when I find them, I stock up!

All right, that's enough.  No more feel good moments to share.  Now go write yours and come back and link up!


  1. I used to love making my kids clothes. I am sure I have boxes of patterns and fabric still in the basement. Since I can't sew anymore I keep hoping one of my daughters will catch the sewing bug but so far they have not. When I graduated from High School all the other girls were getting cedar/hope chests, I got a sewing table and cabinet. I have loved to sew since my foot could reach the pedal.

  2. You are so talented! I love the little outfit. I do not, however, like that snake!

  3. I get this twinge of jealousy everytime I read about your riding...just a twinge! And that picture of the snakes, yes, I would have been so grateful to not have been anywhere near those. I cringed at the picture!

  4. I am so envious of people who can sew. I cannot even sew a button. What am I saying, I can't even thread a needle? But my hubs can, so that works.

    Love the little girly outfit you created and I love summer, gauzey nightgowns, too.

    I'm not really afraid of snakes, but that looks like one of the bad ones. Am I right?

  5. Sorry I missed FGF, I will definitely link up next week. Enjoying reading everyone's posts this week tho!


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