Monday, May 16, 2011

So, That's All I Have to Do???

As a middle school teacher, people often ask me to tell tales of the funny things that teenagers do.  Sadly, I don't usually have any funny stories.  I guess because I have been doing this for so long, nothing seems out of the ordinary or particularly laughable. I mean, sometimes I listen to myself and think "what is this career that I have, telling people they've met the last 4 seconds fo my patience, or once you're here, you can't go to your locker, or GOD FORBID, wait until I'm finished explaining this and then you can go to the bathroom."

Or, I think something is hysterical but it loses something in the retelling and it falls flat.

Remember when you were in school, people would write notes to each other....  Wait, I know, I am talking about THE DARK AGES, when people had to actually put pen to paper and pass notes, rather than just going to the bathroom to text each other.  And kids do go to the bathroom and text.  I know this because I confiscated a phone and then  girl went to the bathroom and texted that girl's phone which was on my desk while they were taking a quiz.  Upon being asked if she used her phone while in the bathroom, she adamantly denied it until I showed her the phone and then she agreed that she was the one whose name appeared on the confiscated phone.

Anydarkage, remember when people would write  notes and pass them and live in fear that the teacher would intercept them?  AND GOD FORBID, read them ALOUD to the class??  I remember that always being the idle threat and I always waited for the day that  really juicy one was found and read aloud.

I have rarely seen a note passed here in my classroom.  Not sure if they are passing it and I don't see it, or if they aren't old enough to think about it, or what.  I assume they are too lazy to bother.  Occasionally, I will see notes written to their neighbors, on a paper I just handed out or in their agendas, and I have to tell them to stop.  But it's never worth my time to stop the class and read these notes aloud because they say stupid things.  Never anything juicy.

Recently, I have found two notes left behind in my room.   This one today had me cracking up on a Monday morning.  Maybe I will share the other one another day.   This one is for you, Sandra!

Remember, I teach 11-14 year olds.

In case you can't read middle school scratch, the first one says:

I guess I made a big mistake what can i do to make it up to you?
And the response:  FART LOUD!

Turn the paper over and it says:

Oops let's try another one!
And the response:  BURP LOUD

Now, I can only assume this is girl to girl note writing because in my experience, boys never write notes.  Although, I don't know many girls that would request burping or farting as a way to remedy a mistake made in a friendship.  BUt, kids these days are weird, so maybe these are the new social protocols.

I'm still smirking over this while I link up to Finding the Funny..


  1. That note is something that Jess and I would have passed in middle school and thought it was so funny.
    My favorite part is the oops part. I like to think that she tried to "fart loud" but it wasn't loud enough haha.

  2. That is pretty funny!!!! I miss the days of passing notes - so much more intrigue and suspense :)

  3. OMG! I think those were my sorry, have no idea how they made it to your classroom. Just so you know, the 13 year old has problems with math so you might want to go easy on him....~snorting with laughter~

  4. heeeeee

    Thank you for teaching middle schoolers

    that is all


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