Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Move Over Snapple, I've Found the Best Stuff On Earth

Nothing But Country

I cannot believe I found the sweet ambrosia of the gods on twitter!  Really!!!  I follow Chobani, my favorite Greek yogurt that even k-ster is madly passionate about, and they had this amazing dip the other day.

You know when you read or hear about something that you think you'll love and you know should stop and write it down right then?  And then you figure it sounded so great that you would never forget what it's called?

And then you are driving home from the gym, ravenous, and while you're at Trader Joe's, you pick up avocados and remember something about a dip?  And then everyone in your way is the slowest person on earth and you truly think you might have to kill someone because you are that hungry?

And all the way home, all you can think about was the ingredients that might go into the dip and which tweet you might have read it in?  And you start to panic because you realize you might have to actually go search for it, thereby increasing the amount of time before food hits your mouth?

I got home and raced to the computer to find the tweet.  But it took sooooo long.  And then I found it.  And made it.  And ate it.  And just. want. more!

Sparkling's Outta My Way Dammit Dip
(this is another measurement free, just wing it sort of food)
1 avocado
1c. chobani plain yogurt
about 1/2 onion (any kind, we're hungry, no time to look for certain kinds)
about 1/2 c. chickpeas (garbanzo beans) from a can, drained
1 lime
dash of cumin
dash of salt

Put it all the in food processor until it's all a smooth, green and voilĂ !  You can absolutely put this on ANYTHING you desire. 

Would it be inappropriate to just stick a spoon in it and eat it?

Why?  Why is that gross?  How is that any different from eating yogurt with fruit?  This is just yogurt with vegetables!

Go make it, you'll see.  I'll be sitting in the corner, alone, eating mine.

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