Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pre Friday Greatness

I can only assume, but I should have such an outstanding Feel Good Moment this week that on Feel Good Friday, I will only have one thing to share. So, here are some other great things for this week. Things that would certainly not belong with this soon to be great event that is happening this week. Which I should be able to share on Friday.  I think.

So, first, as I mentioned last week, I put a fence around my new garden.  I was left with the opening for the gate.  For the week, we had a very ghetto gate, which was just chicken wire zip tied to itself.  I hate this sort of unfinished business and while some people would be content to cut the zip tie and rezip each time they want to go into the garden, I have standards.  I already have issues with garden #1's gate which requires picking up and moving to enter and exit and it makes me annoyed.

So, after much reminding about finishing the gate, k-ster made this for me.  It's a tad much, with those super fancy hinges, but it's all I could find at the hardware store.  It's not like Better Homes and Gardens is coming for a visit.  But maybe they will some day.  I LOVE THIS GATE.   I want to just open and close, open and close, open and close! 

And garden #1 will soon get a gate just like this so I can walk in and out with ease.

Along with my new garden, I had to take some pictures that demonstrate all that is holy about spring.
Lilacs make me very happy and always show me that spring is really here.  And they are the idiot's flower.   You literally cannot kill these things.  We have cut them back to nothing.  We have hacked into the roots and transplanted.  We have not pruned.  And spring and spring again, they just burst right into flower, no matter what.

The mighty apple.  I love the apple flowers far more than the fruit itself.  This is the 2nd of the lone two trees left from what might have once been a nice orchard here at the compound.  For all of my life, I always thought these apples were just meant for throwing at the barn or for dropping on the roof of the trailer and making noise.  I never realized until recently that they are actually McIntosh apples that have been left to their own devices.  They are quite filled with insects and pests and I don't even know where to begin to organically deal with them.  And the trees themselves might be diseased.  So, sadly, we just let them bloom their brains out, produce apples and then I just run them over with the lawnmower when they fall!


  1. i can't wait til friday!

    i love your new gate. i think the hinges are sassy!

    i feel like i could probably kill a lilac.

    that's all.

  2. Lovely!!

    Looking forward to seeing what you have for Friday!

    that is all


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