Monday, May 9, 2011


Ha ha, did you think I meant the sport?  What a boring event THAT is!

Since I added a new garden this year, just so that now I can talk about my gardenS, I needed to fence it in.  About 7 years ago, I finally fenced in my old garden because I don't like to share my plants with the wild animals that lurk.  Some things climb over that fence and fly in, but most everything stays out.  I knew when I installed it, it was kind of short.

So this time, I wanted to really do it right!  I used 8 foot cedar fence rails as this seemed to be the most cost effective and I refuse to use pressure treated wood near food.  Near anything, actually.  First, I dug the holes and trenches so I could bury part of the fence below it.  That took a couple of hours, and then I had a horse to ride.

Then, I came home and put on the chicken wire.  Ok, I didn't WEAR the chicken wire, that was bad grammar.  I stapled the chicken wire to the posts.  And only stapled my hand once!  I bought a new staple gun that is easier to use but "backwards" because the staples shoot out the top.  I forgot, and thought it was broken and shot my hand.

Anyholes, I stapled the 60 inch chicken wire to the poles, which I had buried about 30 inches down.  It took another couple of hours and I was hungry and tired, so it was more annoying to unroll that chicken wire than it needed to be.  We still have to make a gate, so right now, it's a very ghetto system of chicken wire zip tied to itself to keep out the critters.
I had to put this board at the bottom of my ghetto gate because we have some persistent rabbits.  I saw one this morning, sizing it all up, running all around it.  I have NO DOUBT he's back with his friends trying to convince them he's found easy food. 
I planted 22 corn plants and 4 winter squash.  I'm going to use the "3 sisters" method but not all in the same hole.  I've put 4 corn plants to every one squash, with the squash in the middle.  And then I will add pole beans when they are ready.  I had more room in here than I thought I would, so I put in some broccoli and I will probably put something else as it gets ready to come out of the greenhouse.

I have a very special system of using grass clippings directly from the mower, as mulch.  I know there are lots of rules about compost, but I break just about every one of them and have VERY good luck with my garden.  They say that if you take grass clippings and don't let them dry out first, they will burn the plants.  I do this every time I mow and have no problems.  And it gives these young seedling some extra protections as I made little walls around them.  And keeps down the weeds.

If you stay tuned, you will hear about all of the rules of composting that I break.  Like *gasp* I don't turn my compost.  I just keep piling up and then dig into the center.  I know, shoot me now.    It works, so why stop???

Now I have to adjust my fence in the other garden to make it a little higher.  This won't be hard, actually, I have a plan.

On another note, it's spring and I love it.  I love when the trees are in bloom like this one here at school.  I love driving down the road and there are blinding pink trees and white trees exploding everywhere.  I especially love it when you look on the ground and there is a carpet of white or pink petals.
This isn't the finest example, but you get it.  Natural confetti.  That no one has to clean up.  I LOVE IT!  My crab apple tree is about to explode with pink and reddish blooms any second.  Very exciting!

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  1. wow

    so much work!!

    I am looking forward to your funny posts about composting


    that is all


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