Monday, May 30, 2011

A Rig of Bamboo, Now What Is That?

Nothing But Country

It's something made, by the Princess Pat.
But I don't know any Princesses named Pat, and I was never a Girl Scout or whatever scouts sang that song.  That didn't stop the song from running through my head the whole time.

But I did make this rig of bamboo.  K-ster thinks it's a POW cell.  My father hasn't said anything but I am certain he will say the same thing.

So, what is this?  

It's my squirrel jail.  

Oh, I only wish.  

It's my new tomato cage.  My sister has bamboo up the wazoo- oh, what a great name for a children's book!- so she let me have some last year.  I made tee pee type things with them and saved the bamboo because it didn't rot.

This year, she gave me a buttload more, and this is what I've come up with.  I really like it.  Once I wove it all together, it became pretty sturdy.  At first, it was like a comedy routine because I kept knocking over poles and undoing what I had just done.  But, the more I wove, the stronger it became.  I didn't tie any of it and hope I don't have to.  I want to leave it au naturel.  I did stick some pieces into the chicken wire to give it some stability at first.

I decided to do it my garden #2, but I ran out of bamboo, so now it looks completely ridiculous in there.

That's my Made By You Monday!

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