Friday, June 24, 2011

Feel Good Friday- Mr. Linky Is Back

Wait, who's Mr. Linky??  He's the guy that creates the code for the links at the bottom of Feel Good Friday so you can link up your posts.  I have thegirl give me her linkys because I am too D-U-M-B to figure out how to do it myself and use her Feel Good Friday meme.  Last week, I hadn't realized I had used up my stash of linkys until it was too late, so we didn't have any links.  We're back in full force today, though!

So, if you're new to Feel Good Friday and you don't know what linkys or memes are, don't worry.  You go to your blog, write a post about what made you feel great this week and then you come back here and link up.  It's soooooo easy and we are sooooo nosy we love to read what you have to tell us!

Here we go:

*It's been like wild kingdom around here lately.  We had the snake a few weeks ago, which I thank GOD I was not not a witness to.  Then I was witness to this marvelous created in my garden the other day.

My mother and I had just been talking about snakes and spiders and then I went out to the garden and hear all this rustling.  I looked down and this turtle was running around.  I mean running.  I could not believe the speed of this thing!  It was about 6 inches across and it's a box turtle.  Native to here but not usually my garden.  I still can't get over the speed and if I had had a video camera I would totally have taped it.  Eat up all the bugs Mr. Turtle!

*The Run/Walk for the Arts was Saturday and went really well.  I had a lot of volunteers, most of whom have done it before and can totally be trusted to get the job done.  We had 150 runners finish, I don't know where the other 20 were that were counted in the beginning- hopefully not still running around out there! And about 20 walkers. That's a really manageable number and typical of what we have.  We made a good chunk of money and everyone seemed happy.  We had yogurt from Chobani and Popchips.  Click here to see some pictures.

*I rode Tucker in the rain twice this week and though the rains were extremely slippery, we did not kill ourselves.  After a month of rotten lessons a few months back, r-ster is full of compliments lately, so I don't know why those weeks were so awful.  He's being cooperative lately and seems pleased to be working.  Except for the mosquitoes.  Those are no fun.

*I am on the Literacy Intervention Committee for school.  It sounded like a great idea-  hang around for 2 more days when school gets out.  Get paid a buttload of money from a grant.  Make some decisions about literacy for my building.  WHY NOT?????  Umm because school got out Wednesday and I'm still there????  At least it's been raining, so it hasn't been like amazing weather while we sit inside.  It's been kind of neat, looking at the data and selecting kids for some reading intervention for next year. And it's nowhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be.

*School's out for the summer!!  No more lesson plans.  No more parents.  No more steamy building.

*I'm going to meet my niece l-ster on Saturday.  That should be fun and kind of like a little vacation.  I don't plan to do anything or go anywhere specific.  Except Filene's Basement to get underwear because the crisis continues.  All of the pink pairs that I got for Christmas are still intact but the other set is just not making it.  I don't know what I do, I swear.

Ok, so that's all of the Feel Good Friday I can come up with!  Now go write your own and come back here and link up!!


  1. Oh my, you can keep the snakes and the spiders, the turtle is kinda cute!!!

  2. Yeah, school's out for summer!...ok, not here, not yet. But you are free! Have a great time with your niece.
    And even in that picture, I could tell that turtle was hoofing it...get it: hoofing it!


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