Friday, June 10, 2011

Feel Good Friday Part 534544

I can't believe we're here again. I don't know how we get here so fast every week!  If you're not sure what Feel Good Friday is all about, here's the quick version.  Thegirl started it and I'm temporarily hosting until she can find the time to grace us with her blog presence once more.

Your job is to sit down and think about some things that made your week.  Especially if you've had a difficult or particularly rotten week.  You must sit and think about one good thing that might have happened each day and then write about your faves.  Then come here and link up at the bottom of this post.  That's it.  No other rules, really.  Write about one thing, ten things, whatever.   We're nosy and like to share in other people's happiness even if it's the mundane.

Plus, if you think your week was awful, looking back, you usually find there were some better moments.

1.  To start us off, I have to thank my mother and my aunt s-ster.  S-ster had a dream about my father and emailed it to my mother and then my mother called me to tell me the story and the two of us were dying. If the asylum had sent someone to check on our well being, We both would have been locked up, we were laughing so hard on the phone.  You know that deep out of control belly laugh that you only get once in a while?  Tears pouring down?  That kind of laughing.

I suppose if you don't know my father, maybe this isn't so funny, but just picture the you would expect to be called Primrose Jim and you'd probably have a good picture of my father.

And that was only Saturday morning!  I figured it would be a good week.

2.  We finally had rain and that makes me happy.  I could live to regret saying this, but I do like rain, about once a week in the summer.  Nothing really makes plants happy as much as actual rain.  Water from the hose doesn't have quite the same magic.  Already, things are very different in my gardens.

3.  The Bruins and the Canucks are tied, 2 wins each in the Stanley Cup finals.  K-ster is wetting himself with delight, so that makes me pretty happy.  They play in Vancouver tonight and then Monday they will be in Boston and k-ster is going to that game.  OMG if they win tonight and Monday night, they will win the championship and I know k-ster will never come home Monday night if that's the case!  The Bruins haven't won since we've been alive.  And if they could win on their own ice, that would be magic.

I don't watch the games unless k-ster is here, so I haven't seen the finger biting and other antics of this round of the play offs.  We dont' have a cool enough tv, so k-ster has to go to his friend's house to watch it in HD and on a screen that is about as big as me.

4.  Major breakthroughs with Tucker this week.  After a rotten set of weeks in April/May, he is being so great right now and r-ster is beside herself with my abilities.  I dont' know what she is doing differently, but she must be saying things differently because I'm doing what she asks.

It's been hotter than normal in June and I figured he'd be really bad and sluggish but he's been really happy to please me. Now, if we could just keep the mosquitoes at bay.

5.  My sister e-ster and I are cohosting a Pampered Chef party at her house tonight.  I thought I was doing someone a favor, so I booked a show and it turns out it didn't make a difference for her show that I booked.  It's not like lia sophia, where if a friend books, you get more credit.  Soooooo, I'm having it for no reason because I have a lot of Pampered Chef stuff and LOOOOVE it but I dont' really need much more.  My sister will probably enjoy most of the credit because I just want 2 things.

I'm glad she's letting me use her kitchen because it's more open.  Mine would be like a jail, all the people bunched in, trying to make the 2 snacks we are making.

I'm also going to have my jewelry there, but just casually, so people can browse and maybe place an order.

I'm glad it's at her house so I dont' have to clean :)  I just have to bring the ingredients!

Oh, did you want to order something?  Click here for Pampered Chef and here for lia sophia and you can have a blast! You'll have to contact me to get my real name as the hostess, if you really want to order.

Ok, I suppose that's enough of my nonsense.  Now go write your own happy thoughts and come back here and link up.  Everyone can play, even you novices.  I promise it's not that hard!

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