Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So This Is Why I Was A Tad Busy Last Week

I took one of my 3 personal days on Friday to catch this shipment.  8 boxes of Chobani yogurt.  All for me!  i love the thickness of the Greek style yogurt and I'm a total convert.  I can't even look at "regular' yogurt anymore.  K-ster is in love with it too.

Ok, not all for me.  All for the Run/Walk for the Arts that took place on Saturday.

I love organizing this race and I've done it for long enough that everything really falls into place.  But the few days before, I do a lot of running around and making sure everything will be all set.  This year, my big worry was the yogurt.  They agreed to sponsor without me having to bribe them, take my shirt off or threaten them in any other way.  I was so taken aback when the girl asked if 25 cases would be enough, I was sure it was a joke and would never really happen.

They have a really nifty way of packing 3 flats of 12 containers into a styrofoam cooler with packing peanuts and ice packs.  They overnight it and when it arrived, everything was still nice and cold and some of the ice packs were still frozen.  This wa sa huge relief because I thought they were shipping them with dry ice and I was going to have to put lots of ice into lots of coolers and I was beginning to get really worried about how that would all work.

I was so thrilled to have these.  Except for those damned peanuts.  They are EVERYWHERE because they hid in the little holes of the cardboard flats that the yogurt were in and I left a trail from here to the Cultural Center and they are still all over the General and my house.

After I stashed all of the yogurt, I continued getting everything ready and in the General so it would be a smooth morning.

It rained all night and I figured it would rain that morning.  We havent' had a rain disaster in all of the 9 years we've done it, so I figure we are due.  I don't worry much because I get enough pre registered that even if no one showed up that day to pay, we would not lose money.  Plus, runners are a really weird group and some will run no matter the storm or situation.

The day started out cloudy but then the clouds broke and it was fine.  A little more humid than I would prefer, but everything went just dandy.  And we brought in just about the same amount of money as last year.  Not too shabby.  Here are some fabulous photos for evidence.  

 THis is my favorite flavor and k'ster's too.  I had a lot of yogurt left over, but not this flavor.  I should have nabbed us 2 flats of lemon ahead of time but I had to put it all out in case we had to feed the masses.  I still haven't heard the end of how someone in this house wishes I had grabbed the lemons instead of what I did grab (blueberry and pomegranate.
 Popchips also sponsored the race and gave me 300 bags.  They are an interesting chip and appear to be fairly healthy, but I don't buy it.  I kind of like them but they are odd.  You could easily eat 4 whole bags and not even realize what you did.  They were not such a hit and we had tons left over, which we gave to the Relay for Life.
 K-ster posed with his chobani cup so I could send the company some pictures.  By the way, are you aware that the BRUINS WON THE STANLEY CUP????
This girls don't look too thrilled about something.  Maybe it's because #75 can't get her shorts out of her crotch?
Thanks to all of my marvelous volunteers, everything was smooth and easy.  Thanks to all of the runners and walkers, we had a great turnout and made some money for the Cultural Center.

And this is the last real week of school.  Tomorrow is a half day for kids and teachers have to finish the day.  Then, I thought I'd delay summer a little longer and I applied to be on the Literacy Intervention Committee for middle school.  It's an easy $600 for showing up for 2 summer days, so I thought I'd do it. Although now I'm getting a little itchy to be done and have my freedom, so I might have been seeing dollar signs instead of freedom.

Then I'm off to my sister's on Saturday for a few days.

AND THEN summer will be begin when I return.  No grad classes or workshops this summer for the first time in......  possibly the first time ever.


  1. I so love Greek yogurt. It's like once you try it, you can never, ever go back to the mass marketed thin, watery goop. It's all in the texture.

    Congratulations on the success of your race. I'm glad the skies cleared for you.

    And an even bigger congratulations to have a summer of freedom before you. You must feel like a kid again. I still remember that joyous feeling of summer, sweet summer stretching out in front of me.

    So sorry I've been so spotty in the blog world. Summer and kids home and my writing have forced me to put my love of blog reading on the back burner. I'll try to be better!

  2. i'm SO impressed you can organize ANYTHING of this magnitude. and, not only do it successfully, but "love" doing it at the same time. bravo to you!


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