Friday, October 14, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Here we are again. These weeks just fly by and I can't believe it's Friday again. My new schedule this year has me so busy I can't even remember the day anymore.  I made a very big mistake today that I will tell you about later, but it was not a feel good moment.  My advisory may hate me from this day forward.

Anyway, on to the feel goods.

I had Monday off for Columbus day and that was just dandy.  We also had last Friday as a professional day, so I went 4 days with no students.  Can you say relaxed? 

I learned a new activity on my professional day on Friday and though I was skeptical, I tried it.  OMG.  There was a French fest in my room during the activity.  EVERY student was speaking, because they had to, and I didn't have to say a word except top tell them when it was time to move to the next partner.  Anyone walking in the door would have been so impressed.  Now I have to be careful not to overuse that activity.

I went out this morning, the 14th of October, and picked green beans and broccoli!  We still have this unseasonably warm weather, so the plants haven't given up yet.  I have peppers that are growing.  Some tomatoes in the greenhouse that are turning.  And some winter squash that thinks it can be as big as the others I already picked this summer, but they aren't quite getting there.  The beans just keep coming and coming and my new crop is flowering.  The bees are still going crazy.  It's very exciting to me!

After watching a coyote run through the yard the other morning, later than I think a coyote should dare show its face, Gwenstopher tried to spend the night outside.  After much calling, shaking of the treats bag and calling some more, she finally sauntered home. 

That's all I can think of this week.  It's been slim pickings for feel good moment around here lately.

What about you? 

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  1. The weeks do fly by, don't they? I can't believe we're at Fall again.

    Sorry about your big mistake, whatever it was. Whenever I do make a doozy of a mistake, I'm so tough on myself, but I always do repeat the mantra in my head, "This too shall pass." Time is the ultimate healer. And remember, no one's perfect.

    Your French fest sounded like it was a great success. Congratulations and congratulations on your plants still flourishing. Yay for fresh produce!

  2. You have a pet named Gwenstopher? Really? You rock! That is the best name ever!

  3. I'm glad your new activity went well! And I can't believe your garden is still producing ... send some my way won't you? :D


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