Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm Sick of This Shi*t

Did you know that I teach middle school students?

This statement seems to come up a lot around here lately. Well, I do. And it's never dull.

We have a dress code at school, which I mentioned recently.  And there are days when I'm ready to throw a sheet on every one of them and call it a day.

Other than the bra straps, there really hasn't been too much for me to fuss about lately.

Until Thursday.

8th grade.

I seriously dislike my 8th grade class.  I have not liked them since the first day I met them in 6th grade.  They are not a likable group.  I like one child in the entire 8th grade.  Something very wrong happened the year these kids were born and there is something wrong with every one of them.  They are like robots.  No expression.  No reaction.  No interest.  It's so weird.

Thankfully, I have only one 8th grade class this year.  And the one student I like is in that class.  But there is a whole raft of others I'd like to ship downriver and never see again.

Lisa and I have had a strange relationship since last year.  Everything I ask of her is a personal affront.  Lots of huffing and puffing.  Sometimes, she knows the answer and she gets all smug and looks at me like "SEE!" but most of the time, she has no clue and looks at me like "what the hell did you ask ME for?" even if her hand was raised.

Thursday, in walked Lisa with a shirt on.  Nope, bra straps weren't exposed.  Nope, midriff not showing.  Nope, no beer or cigarette slogans.

Just a white shirt with some words in black.  The words said "I'm sick of this shirt!"

"Lisa, come here, I need to see you"

I walk into the hall, she stomps and huffs her way out.

"Umm, what's going on with this shirt?  You can't wear something like that here!  You're never going to make it through the day with that on!"

"I've worn it before."

"Well, you're not wearing it today, it's totally offensive.  Do you have a shirt or..."

"UGH FINE" stomp stomp stomp" I'll wear my sweatshirt" stomp stomp back into the classroom "MY SHIRT IS INAPPROPRIATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That's just about the fastest way to get a teacher so fired up.

"You know what, Lisa?  Take it to the office.  Let them tell you why it's so inappropriate."

"Hi, Lisa is on her way down so someone can tell her why her shirt is inappropriate.  Ok, thanks."

3 minutes later

Huf, huff, hands me a pass that says "please let Lisa put on her sweatshirt"

Cue the 5 minute production of Jess taking off the sweatshirt so she can give to Lisa.

So why would it catch my attention and make me so furious???

Yeah, I'm pretty sick of this shit too.

**On a strange note.  I searched the internet for this shirt and could not.  I am certain it is a commercially made shirt, not one that she just spraypainted out the R herself.  I swear she bought this somewhere but I could not find a single shirt on the internet like this!

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