Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Harvest

Ok, I'm just here to brag.

It's Halloween. We just had an ass-kicking storm over the weekend, and yet, my gardens are still going. So much wind, I was sure everything would be destroyed, but things still look OK.
 The two little watermelons are about the size of softballs.  I started these in AUGUST and wanted to see what would happen with them in the greenhouse.  This is how big they got before the plants died back.  I want to cut them open, but I suspect they don't have much red in them, so I am delaying the sadness for a little longer.

The green beans are just fantastic!  I had this green bean tree that got really crazy and finally has just about died.  Those plants lasted ALL SUMMER and took just about the long to even produce a bean.  ONce they started, they were popping out beans constantly.

I planted others really late in the season, like beginning of October late, and they are coming along.  I worry that the bees went away this weekend because it was so cold.  If so, nothing will pollinate them and that will the end of that.

The bag behind the watermelons has broccoli.  I expect to get broccoli from my outside plants for another 2 months.  I always have broccoli until about December.  I planted some new broccoli plants in the greenhouse last weekend and they've really taken off.  They don't need to be pollinated, so I really think I might be able to get broccoli in the middle of winter in the greenhouse.

We'll see.  No heat in the greenhouse means it's just as cold in there overnight as everywhere else.  BUt I'd like to think the frost will stay off for a little while longer.

You  can be sure I'll let you know how it's working out!

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