Friday, October 21, 2011

Feel Good Friday

**I picked these peppers today and the tomatoes have been ripening on the plants that I have in the greenhouse.

I can't believe I made this salsa this late in the season!  I had to add a couple of store bought tomatoes, and the onions too, but the peppers and 2 tomatoes are mine!  I picked the peppers kind of small because when we get this far into the fall, we can have a frost very quickly and peppers are instantly ruined by frost.  The actual peppers get ruined and you can't use them at all because they smell and taste rotten immediately.

I have lots of flowers on my pepper plants, so I might get some more!  I need to remember to plant my peppers where they will get more sun and water.  I have had this issue a few times and this year, I planted those GIANT marigolds that just about blocked the sun from them all summer.  I am just getting peppers now, after waiting since April!!

I hope to make this fresh salsa one more time before the frost, with as many of my own tomatoes (more are ripening in the greenhouse) and peppers as possible.  I don't have any onions in the ground, but I do have some random leeks that have sprouted in places where I never grew leeks.  Intriguing....  But leeks won't work in this salsa.  I need the bite of the real onion.

**I thought I had poisoned my friend but I did not.  I did all of that canning and put away all of my goods, but I haven't yet eaten any of them.  I gave my friend a jar of apple butter, one of  applesauce and one of cranberry sauce on Saturday.  We went over for dinner, which included fish.

Monday, k-ster told me that on facebook, she posted that she was in the hospital with excruciating stomach pains and they didn't know the cause.  My immediate thought, since k-ster and I were both fine, was that she had tried one of the cans and there really was something wrong with it!!

Thankfully, she had not tried them yet.  And it must not have been the fish because the rest of us had no problems.  She still does not know the source, but she is better and they don't seem worried.

Someone better eat one of these canned goods soon or I'm going to have this panic every time we open a jar.

**My sister sent me a video of my niece laughing her butt off and it just cracked me up.  I'd post it here, but it's not like you've never heard a baby laugh before.

**I've been having a knock down, drag out fight with Merrell over a pair of shoes and after explaining my issue for the umpteenth time, they actually are letting k-ster pick out a new model for free and they are paying for the shipping both ways.

When I am finally satisfied or fed up, I will post about it.  I haven't yet had to say "I have a blog and I know how to use it" but I am about 2 steps from doing that.  We'll see how the new model works, first.

** You heard it here first: the school committee approved a high school trip to Paris in February and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go!!

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