Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cool N Serve Tray Giveaway!

I have a really great product from Pampered Chef to giveaway this spring. The Cool N Serve tray is my favorite summer product because it's so versatile. It's great for serving things that need to be kept cold like veggies and dip. It's also perfect for bringing cupcakes to a party. My favorite part is the deviled egg holders. I don't make deviled eggs, but if I did, I'd use this every time!

Watch how I expertly demonstrate why I like it.

Enter through the rafflecopter form below. You can enter every day, if you'd like, through May 31. Just in time for summer BBQs and parties!

Can't wait for May 31? You can buy your own right now.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On a different note, can you help me help my sister?  She's a sewing aficionado who blogs at Call Ajaire and  has recently been featured on Joann Fabric's youtube channel.  Click here and go check out her video for a simple way to make a belt for toddler pants.

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