Friday, April 12, 2013

'Tis the Season?

Is it weird that I wore leggings every day this week and enjoyed myself?  I wasn't too thrilled with this look yesterday, though.  It was chilly, so I needed socks and I thought I could get away with it, but I really didn't.  These leggings are kind of long, so they bunch a little at the ankle.  I figured no one would notice the socks.  I noticed it all day.

My assistant principal said my legs reminded him of Peter Pan.  I don't even know what that means and I am sure it's some form of harassment and I'm supposed to be mad.

I like to wear leggings if I can find the right top.  You'd think because I'm short, most tunics would work fine but there are some I just can't get away with wearing.  And when wearing leggings, the top must be roomy, never tight around the hips.


That's a law I wish everyone would abide by.


Also, leggings are not pants.  They are not tights, either, which is why I feel like wearing them with something that comes at least 3 inches below the butt is totally acceptable, whereas with tights, 3 inches below the butt is NOT acceptable.

But, I repeat, leggings are not pants.

That's another law that everyone needs to abide by.

Too many of my students, and sadly their mothers and GRANDMOTHERS, think leggings are pants and wear them with tank tops!  Not kidding.   These are not the hot young things that have the bodies to wear leggings and tank tops and get away with it.

I do not teach in a dance studio, nor is the grocery store a gymnastics place, so why must I be met with every female's butt and lady parts all out there for me to see, every time I turn around???   Sometimes in fluorescent colors just to add to the effect?

That's the true definition of hideous.

Anyway, back to me and lack of showing my butt or my lady parts when I wear leggings.

Because I love this top so much, here's more of it.

I bought this at Macy's a long time ago for like $2.  It had elastic cuffs but the elastic has since disintegrated but I like the flow of the arms better.  It's weird material.  Like super cheap chiffon.   I love it though, and wear it as often as I can!

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On a different note, can you help me help my sister?  She's a sewing aficionado who blogs at Call Ajaire and  has recently been featured on Joann Fabric's youtube channel.  Click here and go check out her video for a simple way to make a belt for toddler pants.  

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