Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Found Nirvana In A Beet

Seriously, a beet.  The food.  The red things that stain everything in site and make you drop dead when you look in the toilet.

I'd had some beets growing all winter in the greenhouse and even as spring started, they were just sort of stuck.  I think they were crowded.  I picked them this weekend and used the greens to make this.

First, I roasted the beets at 400 for like an hour, in aluminum foil and then I just let them cool for the afternoon.  No oil, nothing.  Just beets and aluminum foil, the way God intended.

I rinsed the greens, which looked stunning because nothing had nibbled even the tiniest hole in them!  I chopped them up and put them in a bowl with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, feta and some left over macaroni with chicken pieces.  I cut up the beets, warmed it all in the micro for like 30 seconds and just drop dead with excitement.

These beets were the sweetest yet.  They were small, so I don't know why they felt crowded, but they were unreal.  Combined with the feta and balsamic, it was just amazing.  The greens weren't at all bitter and the macaroni and chicken just soaked it all up to enhance everything.

I ate half and left the other half for the next day.  Equally taste bud blowing.

I've planted a variety of beets this year, hoping to have lots of success with different colors!

On a different note, can you help me help my sister?  She's a sewing aficionado who blogs at Call Ajaire and  has recently been featured on Joann Fabric's youtube channel.  Click here and go check out her video for a simple way to make a belt for toddler pants. 

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  1. Minus the macaroni, that's what I had for lunch! So yummy!


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