Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snarfing Food- Not For the Pretty

Yesterday, I posted an email that I had received for 150 pulled pork sandwiches.  I'm sure it is some sort of spam and either my email just got hijacked or the poor woman named Ruth who placed that order with me has been spammed.

In any case, my sister's comment made me laugh because there's a little story about pulled pork at her house.

When I go to visit my sister, I get out of my usual eating routine and I become a monster.  I guess when I'm home, I eat often, so I never get that low blood sugar hunger that makes me what to hunt small children and eat them.  My sister doesn't eat that way, so when I'm there, I don't either and it can get ugly.

Mid afternoon, I start to get hungry but she's always cooking up something that smells great, so I figure I can wait until supper time.  But, supper time for her is more like 7pm, where for me, it's like 6pm.  By the time supper rolls around, I am ravenous and nothing's going to get in my way. 

The last time I was there, she made pulled pork and some of the best home made rolls to put it on.  I was particularly hungry and made myself a sandwich.  I think I might have been the first one to get mine, actually.  It was amazing.  And by the time she finally sat down to eat hers, mine was gone, the plate licked clean and I was asking  for more. 

She and s-ster both were dumbfounded that a) I had completely snarfed it down in a matter of minutes and b) I could possibly be hungry enough to ask for another whole sandwich and c) if I had more there would  be no leftovers.

So I did.  And I ate it.  And it was just as delicious.  And I think it meant no leftovers for the next day.  And I didn't care, because it was that damned good.

I'm going to visit them next week.  I've already told my body what to expect and actually, I haven't been eating as frequently lately and I haven't bitten a single child.

She's pretty sure my post was just a pre-visit request to have the pulled pork on hand.

I think this Ruth person got wind of her excellent sandwiches and hacked the wrong account!

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