Saturday, April 20, 2013

We Are Secretly Party Hounds

I did not grow up having lots of parties in my house, but it seems like we've had more parties in the last 10 years than any normal person would have.  Retirement, birthday, anniversary, wedding, the Bauer BBQ- it's just endless.

 Most of those parties have been in my parents' back yard but last night, we did a surprise party for my father at a Mexican restaurant that he really likes.  It was a surprise and there were about 20 people there.

My sister e-ster knows someone who makes dairy free cakes, so she had her make one for this.  She puts real flowers on her cakes to jazz them up.

Here's the lady responsible for this party.  She reserved the back room, sort of, and when it came time to sing, there was a huge chorus of people singing.

Lots of laughs were had by all, including the birthday boy.  I don't know what j-ster was saying, but he had the table in stitches.

My father doesn't like surprises but this one went over pretty well.  Even the cake and singing were deemed tolerable. 

On a different note, can you help me help my sister?  She's a sewing aficionado who blogs at Call Ajaire and  has recently been featured on Joann Fabric's youtube channel.  Click here and go check out her video for a simple way to make a belt for toddler pants.

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  1. We look for any reason to have a party, too! I don't like them at restaurants as much only because sometimes it gets too noisy, but it looks like you guys had fun!


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