Monday, April 1, 2013

Now I Know My ABCs

A wise person told me that to keep her seedlings straight in her mind, she plants them in alphabetical order.  She planted several different types of tomatoes and when she planted them left to right, alphabetically, she could tell which were which.


I came home and did the same exact thing.

And then I applied that brilliant scheme to my flour jars on the counter.  Since the arrival of my bread machine, I've learned that bread flour absolutely makes the difference when it comes to bread rising to the heavens or sitting like a brick.  I think the same brilliant person told me that too.

So, now I have this array on my counter.

Should you ever need to break into my house and use some flour, it goes like this:

All purpose flour
Bread flour
White wheat flour (because the regular wheat is just greasy and too heavy for anything good)
White sugar
Brown sugar

I realize the alphabet plan falls apart when we get to the oatmeal, but unless you're blind, you could tell the different between the sugars at first glance. And I'm pretty sure you can tell that oatmeal isn't flour.  Yet.   And the sugar jars are smaller, so they should come after the big jars.

I do NOT have OCD.

I can't determine where the oatmeal really belongs but I will defend my alphabetic principles by saying that the 3 flours are flours, with an F and the oatmeal starts with O so it should come after flours.  And sugars starts with S, so the sugars come after the oatmeal.   And they are smaller jars so they should NOT mingle with the larger jars.  See above.

I will not rationalize why the brown comes after the white because some days, the white comes after the brown.  It's about who uses the sugar first in the morning.  I think.

Or maybe it's where they mice leave them when they are done using it.

Or the ants.

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  1. White always goes on the right.

  2. My canisters are different sizes (small, medium and large) and one has flour, one has sugar and the small one has tea bags. I am so

  3. I use the same canisters for my flour...I love them!

  4. White always comes before brown. The oatmeal should separate the sugar from the flour. :) You almost confused me. Have a nice weekend.

    We may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.

  5. Lol This totally sounds like a rambling I could have. Out loud. By myself.
    it is always fun figureing out what order things should go in that make sense for you and others in the home. good luck! stopping from my turn for us

  6. well aren't you just stocked? love the canisters! new follower via the blog hop :)


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