Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shoo Fly Pie

Never had it, have you?  I can sing you a song about it....

Anyway, do you have shoes that you sometimes banish to the back of the closet because you think they are uncomfortable and then one day you bring them out and they are like slippers?  This happens to me once in a while and I'm always amazed.  I don't know what makes me put them back in the closet because when I put them on, they feel great.

This happened with these shoes this week.

I bought these at Bass about 100 years ago and when I bought them, they seemed stiff but I liked the inside of them.  It's a nice soft fabric.  I remember wearing them a few times but I think the toe area was kind of stiff.  They are also kind of a funky color.  Sort of a rusty color that's sort of brown but not.  I can't really explain and this picture does nothing.

I was looking for a different shoe the other day (I get stuck on one pair and then they dont' match something and I don't know what to do) and I took these out, doubtful that they would work.  Not only did they work, they felt great ALL DAY!

I have no idea why I had banished them!  As I wore them, I remembered having the same thought the last time I wore them.  There's some overarching memory of them being tight but the reality is they are great.

I seem to do that with pants and shoes often.  I will leave them there and they taunt me day after day as some fictitious memory of them being uncomfortable lurks from the closet.  Then I will just wing it one day and throw them on and they are just great and I regret all those days I wouldn't wear them.

I talk about shoes and feet  a lot around here and here and here and here.  Probably because I am constantly on a quest for the most comfortable, stylish shoe.  And because I stand around all day in the classroom, I quickly learn how uncomfortable shoes can be!

No, I was NOT driving when I took this.  I had parked and probably freaked out the person next to me by photographing my foot.

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  1. Lucky you! Maybe your feet were swollen the first time around, good thing you held on to them!

  2. Those shoes are really cute. I just ordered a new pair of flats last night after I went to wear heels to a confirmation and I could barely walk. I guess I am getting too old for heels LOL.

  3. I have the hardest time finding shoes. But that is because I wear a size 12! No freaking joke. It's not fair. lol.

    Visiting from the Weekend Meet & Greet Blog Hop.

    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

    Krys @ Sunshine&Rain

  4. How fun! I pulled out a pair of shoes that I have had since 1995 yesterday and wore them to church - they are so comfortable and they haven't fallen apart yet! Even after 5 kids I have been a size 8 since 6th grade :). Now following your blog from the Aloha hop, would love a follow back.


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