Monday, April 22, 2013

Expanding My Horizons

Two years ago, I created garden #2 because garden #1 was running out of full sunlight.  What a difference it made to have a garden that was an actual rectangle and not the wild and crazy sort of circle that I have for garden #1.  I can actually plant in rows and it means something in garden #2!  In #1,  just as I create rows, I run into a curve and I end up with groups of things all over the place.  It was all I ever knew until I created #2.

I also enjoy garden #2 because it gets full sun all day.  And it's right out my back door, rather than across the driveway like garden #1.  Like a difference of 100 yards, but still, it's a difference!

This year, I decided to increase garden #2 so it's twice as big as before.  I only had to buy 4 more fence posts to make that happen and I was super lucky that I had enough chicken wire left over from when I did it two years ago.

I already had the gate and didn't touch those posts, so all I had to do was put in the new posts where I wanted them, move the 3 that were in the center and put up the chicken wire.  I was thrilled that the chicken wire I had already used was fairly easy to get off the posts that I moved, so I just moved it around the corner.  Nothing was wasted.

Things are a little slow in the greenhouse right now, so I don't have a lot to plant.  It's also not as nice as it was last year at this time, and the cold is slowing things down.  At this point last year, I had tons of stuff just growing like crazy.

I planted more seeds today in the greenhouse, so in a couple of weeks, I hope this place is hopping with plants!

Now, if you have a real eye for detail and you see something in the background that looks like a rocket launcher, relax.  It's not.  But, can you guess what it actually is?

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  1. It DOES look like a rocket launcher! Now you've got me wondering...What is it??


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