Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cleaning Up My Act

In January, I made a non-resolution to keep the kitchen sink clean and sparkling.

And I failed.

Which is why it wasn't a resolution.

When the dryer croaked last month, I had to get a new one and made a new vow  to keep everything off of it. 

I have a tendency to pile up clothes on top of the drier for all sorts of reasons and then a) they get "lost" or b) I forget about them or c) they never get a real home and live on the drier forever.

So last week, everything found its home and it now looks like this.

What surprised me the most when I bought this drier is that it's pretty much the same model I had.  The old one was from 1986.  I expected that in 20+ years, they had somehow changed driers dramatically and I would get some newfangled contraption.

I guess, if I were willing to spend $1000, I could have bought a newfangled contraption, but all of those extra options seemed like a lot of hoopla over nothing. 

Since I prefer to put clothes on the line as much as possible, all I really need in a drier is the ability to dry clothes and not set the house on fire.  I don't even bother with the different heat settings.  It's all or nothing for me.

So, I bought just about the cheapest model I could find and when we got it home, it was so much like the old one, I couldn't get over it.  Except this one has a functioning lightbulb.  Who would think you'd want a lightbulb in the drier, but I love it! 

And the lint filter has an actual handle, not a duct tape one that I had to fashion after the handle fell off.

And hopefully, this one is more energy efficient for when I do have to dry clothes inside.

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  1. I love the light in our dryer! I don't care how much like a spaceship my dryer looks, I just want it to work!!


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