Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Making Lunches Ain't No Picnic

When I was in 5th grade, my mother declared I could make my own lunch from then on.  I never understood why she didn't want to make my lunches anymore.

And then I became an adult and started bringing lunch to school again and realized why it sucks.

This may come as a wild surprise, but I am not much of a morning person.  While some of my family members love morning, I don't come bounding out of bed with a smile, excited to greet the day and ready to tackle anything. 

I'm not exactly the grim reaper, hunched over and growling until I've had my coffee, but I'm never excited to wake up (even when something great is going to happen that day) and it takes me a good face washing and something to drink before I start to feel like facing the day.

And thinking about making my lunch and k-ster's is fairly nauseating in the morning.  I think it might be the deli meat and mustard or mayo that gets me. 

My lunches are not usually sandwiches because I don't love sandwiches.  I am happy to eat a leftover from the night before, or some soup or some pieces of chicken.  K-ster doesn't have a microwave on the landscape truck, so he has to have things that don't need heating.  And that's mostly sandwiches.

I tried making at least the sandwich part of the lunch the night before, but k-ster deemed the sandwiches soggy and he threw them at passing cars to see if they would stick.  Of course he didn't do that.  But he did say that he didn't like them soggy.

Then I started making my own bread and solved that problem.   Because after the first day of the bread in the breadbox, it starts to get a little hard.  So it can take an overnight in the refrigerator and not be soggy the next morning.

I also found that these pyrex dishes with covers are great for sandwiches and manage to keep them pretty fresh tasting.

If I get the sandwich made and portion out any chips or anything sticky the night before, I manage to be happier to make lunch the next morning.  When it's a matter of assembling things that are ready to go, I don't have to touch or smell it and it doesn't make me feel gross before I've had my oatmeal.

And buying school lunch is not an option.  I used to get their salads for teachers on Fridays, but they started using zucchini as thought it was cucumber and I fell for it every.single.time.  You don't just go around using zucchini like that.  I can't even look at raw zucchini without throwing up a little.

And don't get me started on a regular school lunch.  Ew.  Just.  Ew.

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  1. Making lunches DOES suck. It's a pain in the butt and that is why I happily fork over $2.50 every day for my kids to buy lunch at school. It's a bargain and less money than I would probably spend on the stuff to make it myself.


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