Friday, November 29, 2013

Danger: Do Not Try This Yourself

Since my Thanksgiving amazement Cranberry Salsa is such a hit, I had to bring it to Thanksgiving this year.  I brought it to Christmas Part 2 last year, but it wasn't as much of a hit as I thought it should be.  I thought I'd try again, when there was likely to be less of a variety of food on the table because there were fewer guests.

It's really so simple:

12oz cranberries

1 bunch cilantro

1 bunch green onions chopped to 3 inch lengths

1 jalapeƱo minced

Juice of two limes

3/4 cup sugar

Pinch salt

Put everything in food processor until desired consistency.  Then dip whatever you want into it and enjoy.

It's also really good on the turkey instead of regular cranberry sauce.

So, where's the danger, you ask?

I made this the night before Thanksgiving.  I was so glad that I remembered all of the quantities of everything and I tossed it all in and pureed it.  I even threw in some of the jalapeno seeds  because some like it hot.

I noticed the limes were kind of big, so after I put in the first one, I tasted it to see if it needed the other one.

Cue the most shocking, tongue-numbing, dreadful taste!


Imagine the tartness of raw cranberries, the sharpness of a lot of lime juice, the heat of a jalapeno and the flavor of the green onions- without the sugar.

I was speechless.

3/4 of a cup a sugar and no more lime juice, and voila, a "different" kind of flavor for Thanksgiving.  It's really a neat taste because it's such a wild mix of flavors.  You just keep going back for me.

Unless you're me and you've been scarred by the non-sugar version and you have to stay away.  Far away.

The lesson we can take from this?  NEVER.  EVER.  Serve something without tasting it.

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