Friday, November 22, 2013

Need A Job? Apply Within

When I get my maid, she will have but 2 tasks.

One, she will have to wash my sheets and dry them on the line.  I already do this, but she will have to do it several times a week.  Why?  Because the biggest part of her job will be to put fresh sheets on the bed every other day.  And they will dried by the air and sun, or they won't be allowed on the bed.

Because I never sleep as well as the night when the sheets are fresh and clean.  And drier dried sheets just don't cut it.

Her second job will be to walk into my room exactly 5 minutes before I have to be out of bed on weekdays.  She will open my curtains so my eyes and brain can adapt to the idea of getting up.

And that's it.

No cleaning, no dishes, no slaving away.

Just washing sheets and changing the bed often and opening curtains.

Know anyone qualified?

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