Friday, November 4, 2011

Feel Good Friday

At first, I wasn't really going to bother because I have busy, busy, busy this week, but then I found some pictures on my camera, so I thought I'd do something.

*After a surprise frost one morning this week, everything but the broccoli and swiss chard in my gardens is done.  Kaput.  Ruined.  One single frost!  But, I started some broccoli in my greenhouse and my tomatoes are still ripening in there.  Nothing in the greenhouse was frosted, so other than some kind of unhappy basil, everything in there is moving along.
The plants look practically dead, but the tomatoes are hanging on, trying to ripen.
This silly plant is just exploding with flowers, but I think the bees have gone away, so it's all for nothing.  So sad.
There will be potatoes in here.  I think.
Kind of sad basil.  There are some new leaves and they are fine, but the old leaves have some brown spots because they got pretty cold.

*After destroying all of the technology around me, I am back on track.  Not only did I kill an ipod and then try to enlist k-ster to make it all work again, I also managed to make my phone stop working this week.

I am not a smartphone owner for a lot of reasons, the main one being that I would be online ALL THE TIME.  I have a sliding phone which isn't completely a dumbphone.  It will text and take and send pictures, but it doesn't receive them all that well. And it's supposed to be able to go online but it's like using atari to try to navigate the web.  Not really worth it.

I bought this phone in '09 and already by '10 the sliding mechanism broke and the phone was falling apart.  I am very easy on my phones.  I never carry them with me. I don't wear them on me anywhere.  And I don't really use them all that much.  I thought it was ridiculous that after about 1.5 years, it was ruined.

I called tmobile and they agreed to send me a new phone for free.  They sent me the frame of the phone, with no back because that is supposed to deter people from abusing this process, and I had to take the back off of my broken phone and return it.  Otherwise, I'd be charged for a new phone.

When my new phone arrived, for some reason, there were TWO in the box!!  I remember debating for a very long time whether or not I should send back the second one because I didn't want to be charged.  After a few weeks, I forgot about it and put it away.

I can't tell you how THRILLED I was the other night when I remembered that I had this spare phone!  All I had to do was transfer the sim card and battery and put the back on the new one and PRESTO, I had a new phone!  THRILLED!  K-ster was amazed that I pulled a  brand new phone out of my butt.  Sadly, my pretty hibiscus skin isn't going to transfer to the new one.  I did transfer it the first time I got my new one, but I am starting to think the hibiscus is a curse. The ipod.  The phone.  And my laptop is missing the backspace key.  It just fell off one day and stuck to my finger.

I'm telling you, I am destroying technology left and right.

I'm just thrilled that I'm not going to cave for a smartphone this week.  Because at this point, if I have to buy a new one, I am not going to buy a dumbphone. So now I get to debate it for another 3 months before I go to France.

*I caved and bought the new ipod nano.  The 6th generation.  I've read about and debated about this for about a month.  Many pros and cons.  But I'm really tired of my sister's ipod not lasting for more than about 5 minutes when I use it anywhere but at the gym.

 Isn't this the most ridiculous thing?  It's so small and slippery I live on the edge of droping it at every moment.  And the whole thing is a touch screen, so there is nowhere to hold it.
I got it because I like this whole clip idea.  I figure if it is clipped to me, I'm less likely to stick it anywhere that it will get sweaty and ruined.  But it's so slippery, I'm likely to launch it right into the trash without even trying.  From across the room.  I have GOT to find some kind of rubbery skin to put  on it.

Sadly, I think I will continue to use my sister's ipod at the gym.  When it's plugged into the dock, it behaves just as it should.  And after using an ipod for so long, I am paralyzed when I can't scroll all willy nilly through my music for each song.   In the old days, I would make a CD, I would write every song and the number of minutes on it and then I would play just that one CD.   Then they got a 5 CD player and I could hop around.  Then I got an ipod and learned the beauty of making my own mixes on the spot.

I used the new one today for spin and as I suspected, my sweaty hands and its super nano size weren't really meant for scrolling about.  I am not a fan of the touch screen, part of the reason I shy away from smartphones, and it was cumbersome and awkward for spin.  So, unless I want to make albums like the old days and just set it and let it play, I don't think this is the right ipod for the gym.

But it's going to be butt kicking awesome for my own exercise, mowing, listening to books on tape, etc.

We shouldn't talk about how I thought it was broken because it paused every 2 minutes and the sound was bad.  It was just that I was too DUMB to plug in the headphone all the way.  On the apple site it even has a link to trouble shooting that problem.  And it shows two pictures.  One of a dumbass who didn't plug her headphones in all the way and one with the headphones all snug and tidy.

*They finally got the bells working right at school, so all classes start and end on bells.  It's what, like November?  But at least they work.  The kids were so funny when the first one went off mid day yesterday.  They were so excited.  One girl said she felt older.  I said "Yeah, it's just like on TV!" and she was like "YEAH~!~"  So funny.

*Thank God for my 7th grade.  They keep me so entertained.  I have 4 sections of them, so it's a good thing they are so awesome right now.

*A lady saw my pony hats on etsy and asked me to make 4 of them for her!  I found a yarn I really like while I was making them.  Maybe this will increase my sales a little.  They are easy to make and I was able to bang them right out for her.

OK, that's all the feel good I can come up with.  I have more technology to get my dirty hands on and see what I can ruin.  Go write your own feel good Friday post and come back and tell us where to go!

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  1. Those hats are really cute! I love the colours that you chose. I taught myself to knit about eight years ago. Seven years later, I finished my very first scarf. I wear that scarf A LOT, if only to prove to myself that it was worth the wait.


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