Friday, November 11, 2011

Feel Good Friday

It's a quick one this week~!

5.  My students were VERY excited to get their penpals' names this week and went right to work on their letters.  It makes it all so much more REAL!  I get excited too.  Mainly because it proves that I don't sit around make this shit up.  People really do speak French!  In France!  And they don't all live in Paris!

4.  I ran on Monday and my ankle didn't explode, so I guess I will keep at it. 

3.  I sold several pony hats this week, and I'm getting really fast at making them!

2.  I finally found some underwear that is comfortable and comes in normal colors (not black) and they made me pretty happy this week!  Especially on day 6!

1.  I actually SLEPT WELL this week, after we turned back the clocks.  And I didn't have to drag my butt out of bed at 6:30 because the sun was actually out and it wasn't so gloomy.  4:45 sunsets on the other hand....  We can talk about that later.

That's it , sports fans.  It's slim pickings for earth shattering feel good moments around here lately.  The weather is turning, the leaves have all fallen, the darkness approacheth and I'm just trying to stay away from the winter doldrums!!


  1. Comfy underwear?! I am all for that. I am in the never-ending quest to find comfy underwear since Hanes discontinued their hipsters and replaced them with some other cut that just doesn't seem to do the job. If you don't mind my asking, what brand?

  2. I'm with Mommy on the Spot and you: comfy underwear is definitely a list-maker!


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