Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sit Back And Have A Rest

You can all rest easy.  I've found some new underwear and I've discovered a secret.  Which do you want first?  Ok, the secret.

I dont' love my schedule at school this year.   That's not my secret.  I would scream it from the mountaintops, but, well, we dont' have mountains here.  Plus, it would be ONE MORE THING I have to add to my list  and really, there isn't any room for more.  In fact, I grow to dislike another piece of this schedule, daily.

I most particularly hate day 6.  Remember, we are on a 6 day rotation.  Thank GOD for the 6 day rotation, is all I have to say.  I sincerely LOVE the rotating aspect.  Like every Monday isn't really a Monday.  Some weeks that is great, some weeks, it's an awful way to start.  But the good news is that the following Monday won't be the same!  And the better news is that day 6 only comes once in a while.

And I love that when we have a holiday, we dont' lose a day.  We just start with the next day whenever we are in school again.  Phew.  No more trying to keep everyone at the same pace so one class gets to do something different lest they get ahead and then I can't remember who did what when.

But day six is just a 6 show day.  One show after another, every 45 minutes, 6 times with a 30 minute lunch in between. 

Underpaid actress.  That's what I am. 

And if 6 periods isn't enough, how about the fact that I teach 7th, then 8th, then back to 7th, then lunch, then a 6th grade non language class, then 6th grade language and then 7th ?

Oh, and those 3 7th grades?  Well, the first and last are doing the same thing but the one in the middle has to do what I did with everyone else on day 5 because I don't see them on day 5.  So when I was on a ROLL on day 5 with all of the other 7th grades, I now have to harken back to what made it so magical and try to recreate that magic with that one 7th grade class. 

Because you see, in 7th and 8th grade, I see everyone 5 out of the 6 days.  Math problem, anyone?   Yeah.  Go look in the dictionary.  THAT is the definition of fun.  Or insanity. You decide.

After having a near breakdown on the evening of day 6 a few cycles back, I decided something has to be done differently on day 6 or I will not make it through the year.  Or someone else might not make it through the year.

And I found the secret.  Wear comfortable underwear.  I swear that's what kept me all shiny and happy all day on the last day 6.  I. SWEAR.

You might recall that  I have some issues with underwear.  I am not ashamed to say it.  I'm not embarrassed to talk about underwear.  I'm not talking about dirty underwear.  I'm not talking about thongs.  I'm just talking about underwear that covers my butt, stays in place and God help me, doesn't end up in tatters in like 2 months.  Really, it's not too much to ask.

$33 and 12 pairs of underwear later, I have found some underwear bliss.  2 of the 12 are excellent.  2 more at the same brand and style and therefore, will be fantastic. 

Then it's off to the packaged Hanes bikinis.  I had to resort to packaged Hanes because I was so unthrilled with the single pairs and the PRICES?  If I didn't think going commando was unhygenic, I'd never by another pair again.  THE PRICES!!  $6 each?  I'm not talking Victoria's Secret!  I'm talking Sears!  $6????  EACH?????

I dont' know much about buying underwear because my mother has always given us underwear for Christmas and until about 1 year ago, they would last forever.  Probably for far longer than any sanitary regulations would suggest, but they would just last and last.  And they would fit and fit.

So, I never really had to fork over the cash.  OMG.   THE CASH.

And the sizes?  I feel sincerely discriminated against because my butt is too small for mediums.  Not a small to be found in some styles.  Not a single thing smaller than a large in many.  Small people have to wear underwear too!!

But after a long hard day of middle school, I can take it all as long as my underwear fits.

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  1. Oh wow. Not expecting in depth underwear talk, but hee hee! Funny stuff!
    I say if comfy underwear helps you stay sane in a CRAZY schedule like that with MIDDLE SCHOOLERS, than by all means fork over whatever cash necessary and make it happen!!
    Major kudos to you!!!!!!!!! I know I couldn't do it.


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