Friday, November 18, 2011

Feel Good Friday

It's so hard to find Feel Good Friday moments lately.  My days pass in a frantic haze.  But I'll try.

We did a one mile walk or run this morning at school and I chose to run.  I enjoyed it and didn't even get sweaty.  It was COLD!

Along the lines of physical activity, I taught my spin class tonight and it was fun.  Kind of like old times!  Part of this is because I found a lot of music that had been deleted out of itunes, for reasons I still cannot understand.

K-ster made supper on Wednesday which pretty much preserved our relationship because I had a lesson until 7pm and was hungry before I even went.  It's amazing how when someone else has made supper, eating it at 7:15 isn't such a big deal.  If I had had to make it myself, I probably would have gnawed off my hand in the process.

Lia sophia has COMPLETELY lost their minds.  From now until Christmas, you can buy 1 item at full price and get TWO at half price.  As always, the most expensive items are half price!  Truly insane.  Let's get shopping, ladies!  I'll have it shipped to you in time for the holidays if you get your order in by December 16th.

And the best thing to feel good about:  we have two half days and then 3 days off next week.  The half days are actually full days for teachers, but I only have to teach in the morning, so this is a good thing.

Now go write your own feel good Friday moments and then come back here and tell us  where to go!

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