Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finally- A Legitimate Use For The Poof

You know the poof.  The bath poof.   You get them every Christmas.  From well meaning people.  Who think you aren't washing yourself properly and need some help in the shower.

I used to think they were great.  And then I started thinking about the bacteria festival that goes on in those things after just one use and I was done.  D-U-N.  DONE.

And then k-ster started seeing them and thought I liked them, so every Christmas, he gets me a couple.  I even made a big deal last year about how I don't like them.  And please don't get me any more.

He thought I was kidding.

When I left it with my Christmas presents and didn't do anything with it right away, he brought it into the shower and stuck it to the wall with the handy suction cup.  In case I forgot what it was for.

And it sat there until today.  Because I take most of my showers outside and didn't really see it there.

But today, it was time to clean the bathroom.  It's been stinking lately.  Of toilet.  No matter what I do, all I can smell is toilet.  And after all my scrubbing today, it still smells like toilet. 

I realized that I can use the poof to scrub---- the bathroom!!!  OF COURSE!  It lathers nicely when I put Ajax on it and it's a nice handful of scrubber.  I just went crazy in the tub, scrubbing and having a grand old time!

Now, I can toss it in the wash after I use it and when it falls apart, I won't care because I used it.  For scrubbing!  Just not on my body.

**Don't criticize me for my harvest gold bathtub.  What, you don't scrub the very tub you grew up using?  The one that was put in circa 1970 something?  When all anyone could see were 4 colors:  brown, orange, gold and avocado?  It's lost its luster, so it's a bitch to clean, but now that I have my handy dandy poofs, nothing can stop me!

I thought I'd wrap the package all neatly with a picture of the floor.  Yep, the original linoleum.  From the day linoleum was invented, I think.  I have this in two bathrooms!  I'm so lucky!

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