Sunday, November 13, 2011

What An Infomercial Can Teach You

When I first bought my Dyson vacuum, I was going to fall magically in love, like they promised.  I thought I would have so much suction, I'd be vacuuming up the remains of my ancestors from these floors.  I was certain my dirt cellar would pull right up through the main floor because the suction would be so great.

I was also sure that I would LOVe the ball that allows you to twist and turn this thing all over the place.

But I quickly learned that I didn't love it.  The suction was fine, but it was a hazardous machine.  I gave myself a bloodblister.  I thought it was very ergonomically inappropriate.  All of that freedom in the handle allows you to really make your wrists turn in weird ways and it hurts.

Then I caught my first glimpse of the Dyson infomercial and learned that it's actually easier to carry it like this.  Ok, so it became a little less of a danger to carry it, but I still wasnt' in love with it.

And then I recently saw my second glimpse of the infomercial.  And I learned that I dont't have to do this anymore when I want to use the crevice tool or fabric brush.

I had no idea the pole can come out and you can just connect the tools here at the end and have a totally flexible end!  You just push the little but that you see by my hand and the rod comes out and then you can stick the tools on right there.
So much more user friendly!  I used to literally hold my elbow up really high so I could hold that rod at the right angle so I could vacuum the couch or whatever and I it really bothered me.  I thought maybe the Dyson had a height requirement!

But, no matter how much I learn to like the Dyson, this is Gwenstopher's reaction EVERY time.  They haven't shown how to not scare cats during the infomercial.

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  1. This is such a cute post! I had been wondering if the Dyson vacuums were really all that great. We are looking to get a new one.


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