Monday, November 7, 2011

Pony Up For Pony Hats

I hate wearing winter hats.  I do not look good in those kind of hats that are close to the head. They really make me look like a boy.

Enter PONY HATS!  Set your ponytail FREE!!

Last winter, I found a pattern for what I call pony hats and I tweaked and tweaked until I found what I like. Now at least my ponytail can pop out and look cute and I kind of look like a girl!

I tried selling them on etsy last year, but I think it was too late in the season.  This year, I've put them out there again and I've sold 5 already!  I was making one at a show the other day and a woman asked me to make one in her daughter's school colors, so I did!

They are quick to make, so I don't mind whipping them up by special request.

I made 4 for one woman the other day and I really liked this orange one.  She said burnt orange. It wasn't really that easy to find, but I figured this one that said persimmon is pretty close to what I think of as burnt orange.

 It's fascinating to look at my own hair from this angle and see all of the white hair!  I've refused to color it for all this time and now I figure it's like highlights.  Kind of.  It certainly adds to the variety of colors I have on my head!

You can get them on my etsy.  The link is right over there in the sidebar.

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  1. This really makes me want to wear a pny tail and your hat... but sadly I don't have the head to support hat wearing :( But they are cute!

  2. I want to say "hi" and thank you for joining my Bunny Hop Party! I usually try to get around to everyone's post much sooner, but Thanksgiving got in the way lol.

    Those are the cutest little hats! I know what you mean about not looking girly in knitted hats. It is even harder to wear them if you have long hair. This idea takes care of both problems.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party
    (linky opens at 4:00 Tuesday)

  3. Found you at the Bunny Hop Party. I have a ponytail hat from Nike. I wear it when I'm running outside, but I've wanted another one that's more girly looking for going shopping or whatever. I can't find them anywhere ... until now. I'm visiting your Etsy store to place an order. :)


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