Monday, November 14, 2011

When Left To My Own Devices

I watch shows on TLC.  I just can 't help it.  I like them!

You've read about this obsession and this one too.  The one k-ster hates the most is this one.

But when k-ster wasn't around on Sunday evening, I had to watch 19 Kids and Counting.  I love this show.  This is nothing like any of those others I linked to, because no one is being outrageous.  Except that they had a million kids.

And they went to Europe this summer, so I had to see  how they did that!

They fascinate me.  I am amazed that they keep having kids.  And that the kids do their best to get along on camera.  And that their oldest son got married and the wife just sort of fell into the fold of all of the other girls in the family and she just finished having her second baby.

It mystifies me that they can function.  And that Jim Bob, the father of them all, just plugs along like the politician he once was.  There is no doubt that when the family started to get way too big and costly for one man to make enough money to support, he used his politician ways to get a network to support their hungry mouths.

And now Michelle is pregnant with #20.  And #19 almost died, so she is really risking it with this one.

I want to know how these kids will all turn out.  I look at them and wonder which one will be the big rebel and turn on the family.  I wonder if any of them will go away to college or if they will all just stay nearby like the oldest one.  I wonder what the younger kids will think when they are adults and realize just how weird their lives were as they grew up from the very beginning on camera.

I wonder when these kids will actually enter the real world.  Because they go to church where their father runs the church.  They go to school at the kitchen table.  They go on vacations that are really missions.  They only time they go into the real, real world is when they go shopping for their crazy amounts of food.  At  what point will they have to actually learn to function with alarm clocks and deadlines and a "normal" life?

And the thing I wonder about the most is what kinds of drugs Michelle is on that she can remain so blase, cheery and peaceful with everything and everyone.

But, then k-ster walked in and saw me watching Sister Wives.  Don't worry.  I'm not too fascinated by Sister Wives.  I can't stand the husband, so this holds no interest for me.

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