Sunday, January 15, 2012

Going DOWNtown

Did you get caught up in the Masterpiece Classic "Downton Abbey" last year?  In my lifetime, I never imagined that I, Miss Sparkling, would one day watch Masterpiece Theater.  NEVER. 

When we first got the Disney Channel in the 80s, we sometimes watched MOUSEterpiece Theater and that was about all I could handle.

I am not a fan of movies set in times before electricity and modern conveniences.  I can't really explain why, other than I just get tired of all the darkness, the candles, the bodices, the lack of cars. 

Given the above two facts, I have no idea how I got hooked on PBS's Downton Abbey last winter, but hooked I became.  I liked the setting, the costumes (they are less bodice like), the storyline and the grandmother.  She is one conniving, hysterical lady.

Every Sunday night, k-ster and I watched it, for like 6 weeks.  Little did I know that Masterpiece Classics has this terribly sneaky way of getting you hooked on a show and then they wait an ENTIRE YEAR before they play the next season. 


Last week was the first episode of the new season and I chose to just watch it online at a time that was more convenient than Sunday night at 9pm. 

I found the season opener to be much better storywise than some of last year's episodes.  They moved the story right along, where last year, I felt like some of it dragged.  The grandmother's barbs were awesome in this episode and there was some underhandedness that was just what I wanted.  Oh, and there were cars are more electricity, so I liked it even more.

In spite of all this, someone needs to replace Elizabeth McGovern as Lady Cora.  First, I can barely tolerate her fake British accent.  It's the worst interpretation of British that I've ever heard and since she is in a cast of real Brits, she stands out even more.  Her lines in this episode bordered on ridiculous and she did a lot of LOOKING and standing there with her EYES ALL HUGE and didn't have much to say.  Not much that made sense, anyway.

Perhaps my issue is that I think she is Andie McDowell, another actress I dislike.  I can't stand Andie's voice.  I look at Elizabeth's face and I think I am seeing Andie but then she speaks her fake British and I realize it's all just fake.

The only thing I thought was a little odd in this first episode was the lighting.  Especially on McGovern.  Her face was very washed out the entire time.   They kept putting her in light colors and then really putting a washed out light on her and she was very ghostly.

Other than that, I am hooked for this season and can't wait for more.  Even though it's really hard to say Downton and not Downtown.

Anyone else a fan of this show?

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