Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Pool Boy

K-ster is secretly a fish and when we're in the doldrums of winter, he starts to moan and groan about how he can't go swimming and why can't we have a pool and if only he could go swimming, all would be well.

We called Sea World, but they don't need anymore aquatic animals this winter.

For the past few winters, he's had a pool membership at a local hotel chain that charges up the butt for a winter pool membership and then has restricted hours.  I don't care about swimming, so I haven't paid much attention.

This year, I went to an auction and got a pool membership for a different hotel and thought he'd like it.  I didn't know the pool is smaller in this one and it's like 2 miles further away.

I tried to sell it for what I paid on craigslist, but no one cared.

So, we sucked it up and went today and activated the membership.  This one actually allows to people on the same card, so I can actually go. 

Nothing screams POOL to me more than resin chairs and tables, umbrellas opened up inside and fake plants.

And I assume this is some sort of indoor pool clientele secret that weren't privy to, but apparently you go to the pool on a Sunday afternoon to hang out.  You bring coolers, wine, books, children.  And you think and act like you are at the beach.

It sure isn't Richmere but it will have to do.

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  1. I have never heard of getting a membership to a hotel to use their pool. That is so interesting! I need to look into that for my area. My boys LOVE to swim and I love to sit in those resin chairs.


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