Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hasta La Vista

Well, maybe there won't be a next time.

I did it.  I cut my hair all off. 

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I just couldn't deal with my nasty locks anymore.  Once I realized long hair is not for me, I started toying with the idea of giving it to Locks For Love so they can make wigs for cancer patients.  But they need 10 inches and that is a lot when my hair was already making me nuts.

Then someone told me about Pantene's Beautiful Lengths (no I am not being compensated for this post) and they only need 8 inches.  That seemed a little more feasible.  Plus, have you ever known me to do something without an ulterior motive?  If I'm going to grow this hair and cut it off, I might as well have a good reason, right?

I saw in the paper that there was a cut-a-thon at a salon on Sunday, so I called and got in.  It was for a non profit that is trying to prove there are nasty things in the water.  I dont' especially care about the foundation, but a $20 haircut was looking really good.

I met my haircutter c-ster, who swore up and down she knew me and we played the why do I know you game but never figured it out.  I told her I wanted to cut it but that it has to be long enough to put  off my face.  She got a ruler and determined that I could really get 10 inches off and still have plenty to put back.

It was  a little scary having her get the clippers and shave my ponytail off.  What if she slipped??

But here it is, in all its glory.  I still don't think it was quite 10 inches and Locks for Love won't use it if it isn't, so I sent it to Pantene.  Now someone else can deal with my less than stellar hair.

And voilĂ  the results are in.
 Oh wait, there's this.  Before I can share the remarkable results, I have to tell you how this happened.  As I mentioned, my stylist is named c-ster.  I liked her right off the bat and we chatted the whole time. 

Along the way, I mentioned that I sell lia sophia jewelry.  She said she doesn't actually work in this salon but owns her own down the road and would like to maybe sometime host a lia sophia show in her salon.  I told her I happen to have a catalog right here.  Then she said "sure, I'll host a show". 

This never happens in my life.  They always tell us to bring our catalogs and info everywhere and leave them in every place we go, but I don't seem to have as many appointments as most people, so my potential bookings from offices are limited. 

I was so excited that she was interested that when she pulled out her phone to get her calendar, I told her to wait and let me get mine from the car.  I was thrilled.  This was like textbook for how to get a booking.

While I was out collecting the hostess packet and my calendar, fearing I would get back inside and she would have changed her mind, I threw everything, including my cut off ponytail on the seat.  I backed up to shut the door and my pants got caught.  But I didn't realize, I so kept backing up and they pulled out like a foot beside me and I realized they were caught.  I undid them from the latch they were caught on, pulled my sweatshirt down and raced back inside.  I had no idea until I got home just how badly I had ripped them.

I keep picturing what would have happened if I hadn't stopped backing up when I did and just completely shredded them.  How great would that have looked as I raced back inside to book the show?

C-ster didn't seem to notice and we booked and are all set for March.  Phew.

Now, on to the results.
 When I was in high school, I participated in an All State chorus extravaganza and all I remember from the weekend is a) sleeping on a literal army cot in some stranger's house, b) sitting in an auditorium with hundreds of chorus members and c) learning from a boy that when a girl's hair does this, it's called "the web".  I strove for a good portion my life to make my hair do "the web" and now that I don't even care, it magically did this when k-ster took my picture.

I should let k-ster take my pictures more often instead of using the self timer.  You get a little more of a view of what I happen to think I look like.  And the hair is totally more me.  Clearly not a lot of work went into styling this, but I didn't have to because it's kind of fun.  I've had this haircut like 100 times in my life and I should probably stick with it.

It also doesn't really know what to do with itself.  It's trying to be straight, trying to wave, trying to sit still, trying to bounce around.  Hey, that sounds kind of familiar.

And I let it stay down ALL DAY and didn't even kill anyone!  I hardly thought about it, actually.


  1. I laughed for way too long about you ripping your pants. But your hair looks phenomenal, woman!

  2. I can just picture you running from the vehicle with you pants in the door. I cannot believe that hole! That's definitely a good length for your hair. There was really 10in taken off? It's still a really nice length.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and I looooove your hair cut!

  4. Looks very nice!! Glad you had on underwear!! Just kidding, but that would really would have been something if you didn't!!


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