Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Long, Farewell

My hair and I have never had a great relationship.  It was a great shade of blonde when I was really little and then it got a little darker when I was in elementary school.  I know we don't say people have hazel hair the way they have hazel eyes, but I'd say my hair is hazel.

I don't color it and won't, though I did do a henna phase in high school and I may have used some Sunin a time or 50.  Any highlighting I've ever had in my hair was due to sun and Sunin, strategically applied.

This was my senior picture in high school and it's about the only time I've truly liked a picture of my hair.  My bangs are a little short, but I love the rest of it.  My hair now has lots of white in it but because my hair is hazel, you can't tell until you get close to it.  If you look at my hair up close, it's got lots of pretty colors in it, but from a distance, it's not anything remarkable.  It looks best when it's been blown dry and is super clean, but I don't wash it every day (the horrors!) so it's not always super shiny.

Since about 5th grade, my hair has never made it past my shoulders.  I had years where it was boy short and most of my years have seen my hair between chin and shoulder length.  There have been some very unfortunate styles along the way that were not flattering or that required more time to "do" than I was willing to do.

You know I'm all natural, so putting lots of crap in my hair and styling it just isn't my thing.  I did curl my bangs every morning in high school, but that was about the extent of it.

I had a few perms along the way, but sadly, the last one was a nasty one and I think it forever changed my hair.  I think she actually burned part of my hair.

When left to its natural devices, my hair has waves and a little curl that tries to come out.  But it's kind of helter skelter.

Since I've been teaching, I've always taken my showers at night which means that I have to have hair that can be brushed in the morning and go.  I can't have a short haircut that goes every which way when I sleep on it.

I also cannot stand my hair touching me anywhere, most especially when I am exercising.  That means I require that it can go as short as you want, but it HAS to be long enough to put back when I exercise.

I used to think that a long ponytail while running would be awesome.  I wanted to be bopping along, this cute ponytail flipping along with  me.  This is because I often see a woman running on my way to school who has the thickest, more gorgeous ponytail I've ever seen.  It just looks awesome when she runs.

I however, do not have thick hair.  And now that I've let it grow, it's even worse.  I always thought I just needed to let it grow past some magical point and then it would all come together.

I let it grow to the middle of my back.  And it's gross.  It touches me all.the.time.  I keep it up and back just about all.the.time.  When it's down, it makes me hot and grouchy and SO ITCHY.  And it's just not pretty.

So, I keep meaning to call my  hairdresser but I never get around to it. I thought I might wait until I get home from France but it's making me insane.

So I made an appointment to get it cut at a fundraiser cutathon.  Pictures to follow so come back tomorrow.

Until then, enjoy these glam shots because it's sayonara after this post.

I know, I should do Pantene commercials, my hair is that great.  But I'm too busy doing stuff like this.

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