Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Technology Cross I Bear

I have no idea what I am doing in blogland.  I just wing it.  I read things, I look at how people do things, I copy them and I have this magical blog.  It keeps me entertained.  It also keeps a record of things that I forget (except for those pictures of last year's goregous amaryllis that I can't find!).

And recently, it has been pretending that since January 1, I have posted nothing.  INdeed, I have posted almost every day since then.

Something is amiss with my feed.  And this is where it all falls apart for me.  I fall right into the abyss of ignorance once I utter the word 'feed' because I really don't know how it all works.

I followed the feedburner directions, I copied, I pasted, I clicked, I checked, I authorized.  And all was well.  I had subscribers.  They got my updates in their google reader.

And then it all stopped. 

I tried looking for ways to figure out what might have gone wrong and was steered down a path that had so much html, I sat down and tried to find myself a techie.  But k-ster was busy, and a-ster was busy, so I got busy pretending I am a techie.

And I think I might have failed.  Because I think many of you still think I fell off the blog on January 1, never to be heard from again.  I even put myself in my own blogroll and I can't get back up to the top. 

This is when I hate technology.  When I get to the point where I think I know it all and things are going so smoothly and then it all goes kaput.  And it's no longer as simple as 'well, did you turn it ON?' 

Now I have to have a phD in html to make it all work. 


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