Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vintage My Itchy Ass

I sell things on etsy, as some of you know, but I rarely poke around at what other people sell  because much of what I find for sale is nothing I would ever entertain buying.

I'm also more than a little amazed at what people can charge for things and actually get.  I'm lucky if I can get anything close to what I want people to pay.

Today, I was nosing around and you will not believe what I found:

vintage highwaist undies

Old fashioned is the new best thing ever. Vintage cut has got you covered on so many levels we cannot even begin to list them.

made with upcycled merino or cashmere wool
cotton gusset with covered elastic

S - M - L - XL
machine cold wash, hang to dry

we make all our pieces CUSTOM yeahhhhhh
so.... if you want a pair you gotta tell us what you want so we can craft it +++

Ok, there are so many things wrong here. 

Old fashioned underwear- haven't we worked really hard to get away from our granny's panties???

Highwaist undies- what the heck are these boys shorts and  low rise undies for if we are just going to go back to highwasit???

Merino or cashmere wool- JACKPOT.  I can't even BEGIN to imagine the nightmare of wearing these things.  I get so itchy in wool and even soft cashmere when they are the top layers.  Layer some clothing on top of these???

Are you kidding?

I would be naked before I got to school.  That would be me, on the side of the road, between school and home stripping off all of my clothes in a fit of rage, scratching like I've got mange!!  I am so itchy just thinking about it.  Add to that the very idea of wearing anything knitted on my butt and it's all over.  Gross.  Just gross.
made with upcycled merino or cashmere wool
-I'm sorry, doesn't upcycled really mean recycled?  Like I take an old sweater, cut it up into something new and call it upcycled, right?  So you want me to wear someone's old sweater on my nether region?

$60-  this and the fact that they are wool are tied for my favorite part of the whole post.  You really expect me to pay $60 for a pair of underwear that come up almost under my boobolas, will make me scratch myself 'til I'm raw and may have been some nasty old cigar smoking man's sweater?????

They've sold 100 of them!  Seriously!


  1. This goes along perfectly with my theory that you could call ANTHING vintage and a hipster will buy it.

  2. I'm not sure I can think of anything (ANYTHING) worse than wool underwear.


    (This post seems like a fabulous entry for #ShowYourWork, no? Linky will be up on Friday... just saying'.) :)

  3. Bahahahaha This makes me giggle! Who would even buy that!?

  4. Yay! You linked up! I'll say it again - this post is fabulous!! :)

  5. A lot of the stuff on etsy blows my mind. Some? In a good way!! Others? I could make it for usually half the price..


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